In the environment of the White house, the signs that President Donald Trump draws a closure of the border to Mexico to seriously consider.

His chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said on Sunday (local time) at the ABC, there had to happen something “dramatic”, so Trump should make his threat true. This month, 100 000 people would pass illegally the border. This is a humanitarian crisis and a security crisis, stressed Mulvaney.

Trump himself had said that the likelihood of the closure of the Border was “very high”. “Our capacities are exhausted and we are no longer taking Illegal. The next step is to close the border,” he wrote on Saturday on Twitter. Also his Advisor in the White house, Kelly Anne Conway, spoke at the weekend in a similar and said the President would not bluff.

In the event of a border closure would not only be the passenger on one of the most state boundaries of the world frequented, but also of the trade – with incalculable economic consequences. Mulvaney said on CNN that the government was in fact worried about the potential economic impact. However, the concerns about security are greater.

Trump hopes that in the event of a border closure, the Infiltration of illegal drugs is curbed. However, he had emphasized as an Argument for its controversial construction of the wall always, human traffickers and drug smugglers would mainly use the “green” border. The closure of the border crossings would not get a handle on this problem.

meanwhile, the U.S. government has threatened the Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, again, to swipe funds. The governments would do too little to combat illegal migrants, who attempted from the three countries in the United States. “You have done nothing for us,” President Donald Trump, the American media quoted.

the appropriate threat he had made in October. Now the Ministry of foreign Affairs will implement a Directive Trumps, the Ministry announced on Saturday. It is also the Congress should be involved.

payments for the years 2017 and 2018, in a total volume of well over 500 million dollars have not flowed into many Parts. It was unclear whether the Democrats can stop with their majority in the house of representatives to take the step. The “Washington Post” reported that a Delegation of Democrats, who at the weekend was to visit in El Salvador, have referred to the intention of Trumps as “counterproductive”.

The move comes surprising, because homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had just met only with the three countries in an agreement to curb Migration. Politicians from Latin America indicated that the number of Refugees going back. Experts explained in the “Washington Post”, the payments went not directly to governments, but to relief organization whose projects for combating the causes of Flight from the USA to be approved.