“Stop Child Abuse – Trace of Object”, “child abuse stop – an object tracking”, under this name, the European police authority, was launched in front of around one and a half years of the project to law enforcement. (Read here in the star more to the Start of the project.)

The idea behind it: have played donors to identify Using the Internet and potentially millions of Tip places or objects to which in cases of child abuse, a role. This can be, for example, striking the building in the Background, striking objects or the clothing of the victim.


investigators are hoping someone out there knows of one of these objects or the environment, perhaps from a visit with a friend or holiday. This particular Form of “swarm intelligence” should help to identify the perpetrators and protect potential children from being victims of sexual abuse.

Europol asking for any information to photos

Europol has published dozens and dozens of pictures, all of them from child-pornography-shots. Therefore, the resolution of the images is reduced, in addition, the investigators away, of course, the victims of abuse from the photos.


“The company wants to know anything”

The terrible images, the suffering of the victims, the excuses of the perpetrators – the people in the fight against child porn

In the gallery above, you can click through the pictures and the questions of Europol. Can you make it to one of the pictures? Notes Europol shall carry out directly, anonymously, contrary to (here on the photo button, then a contact form), but also every police Department is the appropriate information available. “The smallest clues can sometimes help solve a case”, the European police authority. “The more people get the pictures to face, the more it can ultimately be helped to protect children.”

Since June of 2017, the project is now a Europol officer pulled up in an Interview with the BBC, an interim balance sheet: The police authority had received more than 23.000 references to the so far, over 100 published recordings. Overall, could therefore be given concrete traces to investigators in 30 countries, and of those checked. An offender will now be prosecuted, the official said, the station. Eight of the victims were using “Stop Child Abuse – Trace in Object” have been identified. “If we could only help a child, it is already a success for us. Each child is great.”

Despite the successes: The images published are only a small part of the archives of Europol. A total of over 40 million cruel shooting of a child, camps abuse.

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