To 9.50 am you should have in your school at the Fritz-Erler-Allee to the lessons appear. However, Rebecca Reusch, 15, is not there. Why, the police now find out. Exactly a week ago, the Sophomore from the Berlin District of Britz is gone. Information on their present whereabouts was not there, according to police. Since Friday, a murder determined Commission of the land criminal police office, since it could not be excluded that the pupil of a criminal Offence, has fallen victim to. The police has sent photos of the Missing to the Public.

the family of Rebecca Reusch

concerned, According to the official Rebecca Reusch had 18. February 2019 stayed with family members in the Maurerweg in Berlin-Britz. Apparently, her sister Jessica, 27, no longer live with the parents. The “image”newspaper reported. There you’ve spent the entire weekend. Mother Brigitte Reusch, 52, voted against 7.15 PM, they tried to call in vain, the phone was switched off.

search hundreds of forces

A small town in Northern Hesse, and a nagging question: Where is the little Kaweyar?

“you wanted to come on Monday after school, back to us,” father Bernd Reusch, 55 quoted, of the sheet. That his daughter from home ran away, from the tiler. “You called always, if you only came a half hour later to go home,” said Bernd Reusch, according to the “image”.

save your school stuff, took the 15-Year-old had left the house of her sister appears to be between 6 and 8 p.m., with a fleece blanket. “We suspect that she wanted to meet someone,” says the 55-Year-old, “otherwise you would have been sleeping.” Because you could have been cold, have you taken the ceiling perhaps. With whom Rebecca Reusch might have struck, could not explain to the parents. “She has no boyfriend. And she is always reliable”, as quoted by the “image” of your father. “People should look in basements and arcades,” mother Brigitte Reusch cited. “We suspect that they are being held somewhere.”

22 notes from the population

According to police, 22 notes from members of the public since the Disappearance of Rebecca Reusch, a spokeswoman for the star. None of the current whereabouts of the Missing. A hot lead or a particularly promising note is currently “not visible”.

Since it is family members or friends give no sign of life of the 15-Year-olds and family – apparently “atypical” for the girl, the spokeswoman for the star has been turned on on Friday the murder Commission. One could not exclude the possibility that she had fallen the victim of a Crime. Concrete evidence was not there, however. The Team of homicide, the focus since Friday in a leading role and almost exclusively on the search of the 15-Year-olds.

Since her Disappearance, police have questioned relatives, friends, Acquaintances, and classmates of Rebecca Reusch. Also in social networks, the officials had been looking for possible Clues to the whereabouts of the girl. In addition, in the vicinity of Rebecca Reuschs was searched last place of residence, sleuths have come to be used.

police are asking for any information from the population

The police with photos of the Missing to the Public.


Rebecca Reusch, 15, from the Berlin District of Britz …

©police Berlin Fullscreen

… since Monday, the 18. February, missing.

©police Berlin

3. Homicide, the determined since Friday, to instructions and :

asks asks Who has Rebecca Reusch on the Morning of the 18. February 2019 in the range between Maurerweg and Fritz-seen Erler Allee?Who has, pursuant to the 18. February 2019 not yet seen or had any contact with her?

at The time of the disappearance of Rebecca Reusch’s supposed to be – according to the description of the police: 170 to 180 cm tall , slender figure, brown shoulder – length hair – as follows vests have been:

pink plush jacket white hooded sweater with the inscription “Rap Monster”blue Jeans with ripped knee-black/white sports shoes of the brand “Vans”, large, beige-and-pink handbag, red backpack

notes the 3 takes. Homicide at the state criminal police office, Keith road 30 in 10787 Berlin on the following number: (030) 4664-911333 or email [email protected] or any other police Department.

sources: police in Berlin, “Bild”, “Berliner Morgenpost”