want to Eight months after their historic summit in Singapore, US President, Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un at its second Meeting in Hanoi on a roadmap for peace and disarmament on the Korean Peninsula speak. Whether, and to what in the discussions comes out, is uncertain – in the run-up to too high expectations have been dampened. It is conceivable, however, that the state of the men explain to the Korean war (1950 to 1953). Officially a ceasefire is yet still. It’s a symbol would be, at least, of summit success.

The Meeting between Trump and Kim but also away from the big policy for a lot of attention – read here, everything that happens in the run-up:

+++ Trump hopes on success at the summit with Kim +++ Fullscreen

Donald Trump (l) and Vietnam’s head of government Nguyen Xuan Phuc

©Manan Vatsyayana AFP

US President Donald Trump is hoping for a success of his top-level meeting with the Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam. “Hopefully it will be successful,” Trump said at a working lunch with the Vietnamese Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc in Hanoi. “We’ll see what happens.” Phuc wished Trump success at the two-day summit with Kim.

+++ Vietnam buys in Trump’s visit to Boeing worth $ 21 billion

For the aircraft manufacturer Boeing has paid off the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam now. Because the host country buys, according to information from the U.S. government, American aircraft and air traffic technology to the value of more than 21 billion dollars (the equivalent of 18.5 billion euros). On the sidelines of a meeting of Donald Trump with his Vietnamese colleagues, Phu Trong Nguyen, both sides signed trade contracts. A senior U.S. government staff said, the low-cost airline VietJet will buy 100 Boeing 737 Max and 215 engines Joint venture CFM, the US group General electric is involved.

+++ Where Kim is? Hanoi seeks the dictator +++ Fullscreen

Kim Jong-Un greets in Vietnam


Before the big summit with the US President of North Korea makes use of ruler Kim Jong-Un rar. Yet the dictator is not at all. Prior to his highly secured downtown Hotel named “Melia” wait, dozens of reporters and onlookers to get the man out of Pyongyang, the face – without success. It is suspected that Kim stayed in the Hotel. Some people thought it was also possible that he could be disappeared out a back exit. Nothing to see here.

+++ tender before the summit: Trump calls Kim his “friend” +++

spread a Good mood can never hurt: Before their second summit, Donald Trump has referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as a “friend”. Trump turned the impoverished country’s economic development and prosperity in view, should Kim disarm its nuclear weapons and missile Arsenal. On Twitter, the U.S. President wrote: “The potential is fantastic, a great opportunity for my friend Kim Jong-Un, like no other in history.” Trump and Kim meet in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. “Vietnam is flourishing like few other places in the world. North Korea would be very fast as well, it must abolish its nuclear weapons.”

+++ Thus, the first Trump-Kim-running Meeting +++

The US President and the North Korean dictator will see for the first time on a Wednesday evening at 18.30 PM local time, 12.30 PM German time. After the welcome in the Hotel “metropolis” want to Trump and Kim lead a 20-minute conversation among four eyes. Then a small round one about one and a half hour dinner is planned. On Thursday there are further talks. Previously, Trump will come first, together with the President and Prime Minister of the host country Vietnam. Kim plans to visit industrial plants.

+++ Donald Trump arrives in Vietnam and feel love +++

+++ host Vietnam recognizes Kim-Trump-summit with special-stamp +++

The host country of Vietnam, pays tribute to the summit, US President, Donald Trump, and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un in Hanoi with a special stamp. 4000 Dong (the equivalent of 0.15 Euro) is the Post string value. It shows two interlocking hands in a stylized heart. The hands are shown in the colors of the flags of North Korea and the United States. In the top left corner of the stamp is represented the flag of Vietnam, in addition, a dove of peace and the English inscription: “partnership for sustainable peace”.

+++ Why Hanoi? +++

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