“One waits and hopes. Waits, hopes. Every day: waiting, hoping,” says Dennis Konert. He waits and hopes for 18 years. A sign of life from his sister. On the new notes. Or, at least, to the sad certainty.

so Far, in vain.

Katrin Konert is on 1. In January 2001, disappeared without a trace. Of the case let go since then, neither the family nor the investigators. What happened to the then 15-Year-old? For years, investigators believe, by the end of 2018, the case is rolling even a new up – and a few days ago, a breakthrough is on the horizon. First of all. Because the search remains inconclusive. But it is certain that the offender or offenders, which could put Disappear behind Katrin Konerts – in the meantime, the police believe was a homicide – is somewhere in your files.

The day of Katrin Konerts

the Disappearance of The last shots of Katrin Konert show you on the new year’s eve party for your family – only 24 hours later you will be gone without a trace. On new year’s eve Katrin at her friend in Bergen (Stupid). She wants to go back home, about 13 kilometers Gaddau away. Your family will inform you via SMS that you want to be against 18.30 o’clock.

By phone and SMS, they tried to organize a ride – your friend has no car. In the evening, it’s raining, it’s cold, the roads are mirror smooth. Maybe Katrin finds, therefore, no ride, and to 18.55 at the bus station in Bergen (Stupid). It is the place where you last seen by a witness. The Bus departs 19.30 without you.

It is the Year of the beginning of a year-long search for the then 15 -. Investigators searching the many ponds, forest and moor areas in the surroundings, which lie between the two main roads between Bergen (Stupid), and Large Gaddau. However, any note, any supposed trace that lead to Nothing.

The investigators break new ground – with success, as it seems

ten years after her Disappearance, investigators received numerous tips. It is one of those “Cold Cases”, the investigators deal with over the years. It only remains unsolved, but not forgotten. In October 2018, the police shall notify Lüneburg: The case is reopened.

process ends with acquittal

Soko “Cold Case” want to murder attempt in 1980, and fails with a crash in front of the court

It is used, a newly appointed investigation team (EC) of the criminal investigation. “We want to roll up the case again completely,” says Annegret Dau-Rödel, the new head of the EC “classical” reboot. “We also examine hypotheses, which are not or only little may have been considered to date.” The officials also propose the investigation of new ways: they put a note portal for anonymous tipster, start with a mobile guard on-site, a flyer, action, and interviewing local residents.

With success, so it seems. The investigators received in the last few weeks, a total of 90 instructions, some were promising. A it is especially.

“I think we have the culprit already in our files”

An anonymous, but according to a police spokesman in a very concrete – note the investigators suspect that the corpse could then be a 15-Year-old in a forest in Bergen (Stupid) buried. Earlier this week, the excavation work will start. Sniffer dogs, infrared sensors, drones are in a 100 times 100 meters large piece of forest.


mysterious Disappearance – she wanted to buy candy and was never seen again

By Daniel Wüstenberg

After two days, the investigators set the search to be fruitless. The police are appealing for the anonymous whistleblower, who had given his tip over the Internet to sign in again.

However, the officials do not give up. In the coming weeks, you want to pursue the further traces. “I think we have the culprit already in our files,” says the EC”classical”-the head of the Dau-Rödel in the “Crime Report” of the ARD. Only the one crucial link is missing so far.

Franky and Dennis Konert, the brothers by Katrin, hope also on a note, explaining the case, finally. “Imagine if this were your daughter. You would, for years, know nothing of her – how would you live?,” Dennis asks rhetorically in the “Crime Report”, appealing to the perpetrators. Waiting, hoping, waiting, hoping.

notes to the missing person’s case Katrin Konert takes the police – even anonymously – (05847) 1220 or under [email protected] . The note portal on the Internet, you can find here.

sources: “Crime Report”, NDR, police Lüneburg