36 years after the mysterious Disappearance of a Vatican citizen Emanuela Orlandi, the state of the Church has started its own investigation into the fate of the girl. “We expect the full cooperation of the Vatican for clarification of the Case,” said the lawyer of the family, Laura Sgrò, according to the Italian news site “Stol.it”. “After 36 years, a lack of cooperation by the inclusion of the investigation in the Vatican is a major turning point.” The Vatican had informed it about the investigation. So far, only the Italian judicial authorities had determined in the case.

conspiracy theories entwine Emanuela Orlandi

The then-15-year-old Emanuela disappeared on the 22. June 1983. The daughter of a Vatican staff did not come to the music lessons after at home. Until today it is unclear what happened to the teenager. Therefore, rumors and conspiracy theories tendrils, for decades, been the case. A guess is that she was kidnapped by a criminal organization, to put pressure on the Vatican to exercise responsible, borrowed money to repay. Another theory is that the girl was kidnapped, a release of the Turk Ali Agca Mehmet enforce the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II perpetrated.

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without a Trace

kidnapping in the Vatican: Where is missing Emanuela Orlandi?

By Nicolas Bush

members of the Orlandi family had asked at the beginning of March to the Vatican, to open a tomb in the ancient traditional cemetery for German-speaking pilgrims in St. Peter’s Basilica, Campo Santo Teutonico,. You suspect that in this grave within the Vatican, the Remains of Emanuela walls could be located. Sgró had previously received, according to his own statement, an anonymous Letter with a picture of the tomb and the note, in it would be Orlandi’s Remains. Then the lawyer appealed to the cardinal Secretary of state Pietro Parolin, to allow the Opening of the tomb.

In the autumn of last year had been found on the site of the Vatican Embassy in Rome, bones. A quick connection to the unsolved was of the Italian media, the case of Missing made. Investigations revealed that these bones were much older and of a man came.

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