If the dog does not know what he sees in the rule of a people in the eyes. Dog owners will be familiar with the. What sounds self-evident for us, for example, makes of the Wolf as the closest living Relative of the dog will not live.

studies suggest that contact between humans and four-legged friends is of the Eyes is crucial for social interaction. Specifically, the ability of the dogs to lift the inner eyebrow, find people well: in 2013, a study showed that dogs in animal shelters, the lift of the eyebrow, more often, more quickly find a home.

A new study by the same researchers – is now coming to the conclusion that the dog has developed this ability only in the course of its domestication. Probably because of the dog look at us affects people. The scientists led by Juliane Kaminski of the University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth/UK) in the journal “Proceedings” of the US National Academy of Sciences (“PNAS reports”).

The researchers compared to their study, among other things, the facial muscles of four wolves with the six dogs. They found that this is largely the same – except in the area of the eyes. The muscle is about lifting the inner eyebrow, the dogs exist by default, in the case of the wolves, sparse muscle fibers and connective found only tissue.

the researchers Brought together a person with dogs or wolves, the dogs their eye muscle to play – the wolves did hardly. Especially intense Brow-Lift, the scientists found only in dogs.

The Raising of the inner eyebrow in the jargon as “AU101” called – let the dog’s eyes appear larger, the scientists write. The face of an animal acting this childish. In addition, the view is like a sad people – that could trigger in Mr a care reflex.

The researchers assume that the selection pressure has changed during the domestication of the facial muscles of dogs: Probably people would have preferred – consciously or unconsciously – is the dog, which dominated the brewing movement and to take care of them anymore. And to have manifested the characteristic then.

In the case of body shape and bone structure is nothing New. A change in soft tissue – in only around 33 000 years, since Wolf and dog have been separated, according to the experts, but remarkable. The change is directly associated with the behavior towards the people, because the rest of the face have changed muscles hardly.