When the traffic police stopped, they fired with bullets
When the traffic police stopped, they fired with bullets

In Texas, a person fired indiscriminately at people in Texas, killing at least seven people and injuring 20. This is the second firing incident in Texas in a month.

Police said the incident was from Odessa and its nearby Midland. He said that the police chased the attacker and piled him near the Synergy Theater.

Police have not provided any information about the identity and name of the attacker. This incident of firing is at 3 pm local time.

Local media quoted Odessa Police Department chief Michael Gerke as saying that the attacker was around 30 years of age and when traffic police officers stopped him, he opened fire on the officer and then opened indiscriminate fire on the people.

He said that the attacker opened fire on people in many places. After some time, he left his car and captured a postal service vehicle and fired on it.

Hospital and police officials said about 20 people were injured. These include a 17-month-old girl and three law enforcement officers. 

US President Donald Trump said, “I thank the police and the first people who arrived there to deal with this terrible incident of firing”.

He tweeted, “Extremely difficult and sad situation”.