The plans to abolish the time change in the EU is progressing more slowly. In the European Parliament in Brussels wants to determine today the competent transport Committee to its Position.

The final, decisive Council of the member States have not agreed yet on a common Position. This would be a condition that the time change can really be abolished.

According to the CDU members of the European Parliament Peter Liese, a clear majority for the abolition of the currently twice per year for prescribed time change in the EU-Parliament. It is unclear according to him, however, for what term the members will vote.

While the EU Commission had proposed in 2019, have spoken to other parliamentary committees for 2020. The transport Committee wants to now advocate for 2021. The vote in plenary is scheduled for the end of March.

The EU Commission had proposed last September, officially announced the abolition of daylight savings Time. The member States should then decide whether you want to permanently apply the summer or the winter time.

An evaluation of different studies had previously shown that the originally hoped-for energy savings are due to the time change only marginally, while at the same time, citizens increasingly complain about negative effects on health. In an EU survey, 84 percent of the participants, most recently for the abolition of the time change.

the governments of the member States to decide when a common Position on the abolition of the scheme, was until recently unclear. According to the most recent Ministerial meeting on the subject of it had welcomed in the month of December, the end of the time change will come “in 2021 at the earliest”. As the reason was called, among other things, that it could come in the EU to a “patchwork”, if neighboring countries in an uncoordinated manner after the abolition of the time change for the summer – or winter time to decide.