Tyler Obi-WAN is going to spend the next 20 years in prison. A California court sentenced the 26-Year-old because of “Swattings” to the sentence. This is more than questionable network trend, people call the police and suggest there is an acute emergency situation at a specific address. The goal: A special operations command, English SWAT Team should storm those apartment. This practice is, not surprisingly, is highly dangerous, as is the case of Obi-WAN. In the case of one of his alleged pranks the police shot and killed in 2017, a 28-year-old man in the U.S. state of Kansas. The report, among other things, CNN and the Associated Press.

In the tragic incident and wanted to rush Obi-WAN according to the Reports, actually, another Gamer, the police on the neck. Two other gamers would have argued in games of “Call of Duty: WW II”, one of the two had then commissioned her Obi-WAN, the other to “swatten”. The condemned was according to his lawyer, on Twitter as a kind of “Swatting”-an expert, therefore, also contract work.

In the specific case of 2017, the address in Wichita in the US was out of date-state of Kansas, but according to the Reports. The officials had met a 28-Year-old had to do with the dispute. A policeman opened according to CNN, the fire, because he thought the unarmed man would reach for a weapon. The bullets hit him deadly. Due to the call the officers were, therefore, of a hostage situation.

“Swatter” known 51 charges guilty of Obi-WAN sentenced for a total of 51 charges, which he in a Deal with prosecutors guilty. Including dozens of such calls to the police. According to his lawyer he had been in the scene as a “series-Swatter”. During the procedure, he apologized to the family of his victim. The aim, in turn, will therefore continue to be that of the policeman who made the fatal shots that end up in court. You have sued, according to the Associated Press, the city of Wichita, sees no reason for legal action against the officials.

Until the beginning of this week was taken in Ohio a Teenager, the authorities accused in several cases of “Swatting”. Against the 17-Year-old has been charged in a total of 73 points charges, 40 of them for capital offences, as CNN reported. Among other things, the Teenager is said to have started at the beginning of August, the police and declared that he had shot his wife and would be armed with an assault rifle, his son as a hostage. Fortunately, the cops arrived at the destination address, therefore no one could then trace the call, however, the 17-Year-old back. What punishment threatens him, it is as yet unclear.

“Swatting” is also available in Germany

large deployment of police

hate-Demo against Youtuber “dragon Lord” escalated directly in front of the front door

In the United States, although there are no official statistics on the “Swatting”, the FBI estimates, however, that there are several hundred such cases per year. In Germany, a case of 2015 attracted attention. Then came the Youtuber “dragon Lord” to an involuntary storming by the police. The young man was for the call to the officials responsible, had for more than three years in prison.

sources: Associated Press / CNN / Vice


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