Is it love? Boris Johnson gets all choked up when he talks about Britain after a Brexit. He prophesied to the the United Kingdom, a “bright future”, wants to make the “global brand” to the greatest country in the world. You could be “the largest and richest economy in Europe”. Rule, Britannia!

Only love seems to be based in many places on reciprocity.

His announcement that the Kingdom, in doubt, without agreement from the European Union and thus in those “bright future”, can be a lot of British cold. In particular, in Scotland, of leaving the EU, a majority rejects, and repeated the British Prime Minister a basket.

On Monday, the booing at Johnson’s arrival had been in the headquarters of the Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Stugeon, so loud that Johnson has taken the conversation to the back exit.

pictures of buhenden British shortly after taking office – a Prime Minister who has only a mandate of 0.35 percent of its eligible voters of the country people can’t have that, somehow.

Yes, the relationship status of Boris Johnson and the UK is at least complicated. On his Brexit-promotional tour of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Johnson pitched against a strong headwind.

Scratching his course to the Unity of the Kingdom?

in Scotland, by the removal of the Prime Minister

The kick-off Scotland was. Of all places – the country rejects the EU-leaving the majority, while many can imagine in the course of Brexit-Chaos’ exit from the United Kingdom. Johnson will know that. That’s why he called it “vital” to renew the ties, which held the British test ropes together.

British Prime Minister is in election mode

What is Boris Johnson really want? There’s a theory …

Scotland’s head of government Nicola Stugeon was the British Prime Minister but more or less brushed aside: “Behind all the Bluff and bluster, this is a government that is dangerous,” said Sturgeon after her Meeting with Johnson in Edinburgh. “This is a government that is a No-Deal strategy, as much as you may deny.” Johnson showed during his first visit to Scotland as Prime Minister, however, “confident that we will get an agreement”. The British Premier said, however, it was “right that we prepare for no agreement,”. Journalists, he confirmed that of his predecessor, Theresa May, with the EU negotiated exit agreement to be “dead”.

Sturgeon, Chairman of the independence in favour of the Scottish national party, said that the Belief in a change of course in Brussels was “a doomed strategy”. She pointed out to Johnson that the Scottish Parliament will discuss in the coming months on a further Referendum to Leave the United Kingdom.

Wales: “No recognition,”

In Wales, however it was on Tuesday, especially for the money. The southwestern part of the United Kingdom is very strong from EU funding-dependent. According to experts, around 80 percent of the income of the farmers came there last from the pots of the European Union. More than 50,000 people are employed in agriculture in Wales.

“If we, the EU, at 31. October leave, we have a historic opportunity, new measures to support agriculture, to introduce and we will ensure that the farmers get a better Deal,” said Johnson on the occasion of a meeting with farmers.

the head of The government of Wales, Mark Drakeford (Labour party), criticised the Prime Minister, however, sharp. “No recognition of that life are the basics in danger. No serious answers. No Plan for the farmers of Wales,” he wrote on Twitter. The National agricultural Association, even warned of a disaster in case of No Deals.

Northern Ireland: skepticism and jealousy

And also on his Northern Ireland trip to Johnson’s strong criticism of political parties and protesters plugging. They condemned, on Wednesday in Belfast, especially the risks of Brexits without agreement.

A No Deal would be a “disaster” for the economy, society and the peace process, said the Head of the Republican party Sinn Fein, Mary Lou McDonald. Also, the demonstrators were in Belfast clear: “We will not allow that to happen.” After a dinner with representatives of the Northern Irish Protestant DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) on Tuesday night, Johnson was not accused, moreover, to be objective. The DUP supports the British minority government of the Conservatives in London. Johnson dismissed the allegations: He wanted to engage in discussions with five parties, so that a regional government could be installed in Northern Ireland. “The people in Northern Ireland now already for two and a half years without a government.”

The Brexit and the Lack of a regional government for 2.5 years, could start in Northern Ireland riots. More than 3600 people came in the Northern Ireland conflict from 1968 to 1994, died. At that time, the underground organization IRA fought pro-Irish Catholics, under the leadership of counter-Protestant, pro-British loyalists. In essence, it was a question of whether the UK belonging to the North part of Ireland, you will be with the Republic in the South United. Even today, the voltages of both of the denominations are visible, for instance by very high walls between neighborhoods in Belfast. Big point of contention in the Brexit is the Backstop, the Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, and Brussels had agreed. The warranty clause is to prevent a hard border controls in the Region. Johnson rejects the Backstop but as an “Instrument of incarceration”; he fears a too close connection to the EU.

Boris Johnson: Yes, everything, nothing, or?

But does nothing, is it? Boris Johnson wants to be the country on December 31. October, from the EU, if necessary even without a Deal. As of right now, this scenario is not unrealistic.

The British government provides, therefore, a further 2.1 billion pounds (2.3 billion euros) for the preparation for the Brexit. Finance Minister Sajid Javid said on Wednesday that £ 1.1 billion would be released immediately to important sectors on an EU exit on the 31. October prepare. A further one billion would be available in the event that further funding would be needed. Thus, the government doubled this year for the Brexit-the preparations of the Budget.

the additional funds are to be accelerated according to the Finance Ministry’s preparations at the border, the support of businesses and the supply of drugs. Also, a target e information campaign be launched. Javid said, three months before the Brexit, the planning has to be intensified to ensure that “we are ready”.

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