A wheelchair is brought down on Monday evening, eight meters deep in the river bed of the Volme. The 45-year-old man was according to the report, the “Westphalia post” on Monday evening against 22 o’clock with his wheelchair on a derelict site Broke.

Due to the darkness he didn’t recognize the wall of the precipice and almost plunged eight metres into the abyss, according to the newspaper. In the stony river bed, he got injured on the head and over the night, helpless on the banks of the Volme need to spend. On Tuesday morning, he was able to be saved, after it was discovered by a cyclist.

The 44-year-old rescuer was on Tuesday morning with his mountain bike on the road, so the “Westphalia post” that as he had heard on the site Broke down on the sedan road suddenly calls for help. In the river bed of the rivers Volme and Jaroslaw Czurko I then discovered the injured wheelchair-chair and immediately alerted the fire-Department. “The location feature on my phone half the forces, the scene of the accident quickly to places. After a few minutes, paramedics and firefighters on site,” said the 44-Year-old, did not want to be a life-saver.

firefighters rescue wheelchair

firefighters brought in a wheelchair with a rotary head and a Carrying out of the Volme. He came in with severe head injuries in a hospital. In the accident one could not speak of happiness, that the water level of the rivers Volme and low and the water was so cold. Otherwise, the man could not be saved, fire Department spokesman Dennis Hoff on the” Westphalia post”. “The wheelchair had a blessing in disguise.”

source: “image”, “Westphalia post”

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