whatsapp new features 2019
whatsapp new features 2019

The world’s most popular social application for the “WhatsApp” has also introduced its new feature for Android users after iOS.

For WhatsApp users, the feature of fingerprint lock feature, i.e. biometric verification, is now introduced. But it is subject to the presence of a fingerprint scanner in the respective user’s smartphone.

At the beginning of this year, iOS WhatsApp was introduced to the customer through a face-to-day verification feature, which has an option to identify both the face and the fingerprints for users who use the iPhone and iPad.

WhatsApp users of Android can start using this feature by updating the latest version on their phone.

To use this feature, select the option on the top right-hand menu after you open the WhatsApp beta version Android device.

Then, in the settings, select the Privacy option by going to the account.

Scrolling down the page will look at the fingerprint lock option (which will be closed) on the touch and turn on this option.

After these steps, you’ll receive a guide to touch the fingerprint sensor from the WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp will ask you for a set time, after which the app will be automatically locked.