The Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is currently in Southeast Asia on travel. At its Station in Pakistan, it was for MbS, as it is also called, an extraordinary gift: A Delegation of Pakistani senators with a Gold-plated machine pistol-type HK5k the German weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch presented the Prince “CNN International”, according to. The machine gun is produced with the appropriate licence abroad. It costs in the normal case, depending on the equipment, the 2000 Euro.

Mohammed bin Salman wants to act ability to demonstrate

According to Pakistan, Mohammed bin Salman visited India and China. According to analysts, the heir to the throne wants to demonstrate with his trip to the West, that he may, in spite of the murder case Khashoggi more on close partnerships with other States. The government-critical Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was on 2. October, in the Consulate of the Kingdom in Istanbul, a traveling command had been killed. According to the leadership in Riyadh, the now-dismissed Deputy chief of the intelligence service, Ahmed al-Assiri, and the Royal media Advisor, Saud al-Kahtani ordered the use. This representation is but doubt international – many suspect the crown Prince, the Client.