What is currently happening in Venezuela?

in Short: a very slow, very tough attempt of the coup. The current President, Nicolás Maduro, has led the oil-rich country with his left-nationalist course at the edge of Chaos: The Inflation is going out at record levels, food, protests are violently suppressed. Least two people when trying to get relief supplies into the country to have died on the border to Brazil. Because of the worsening situation, the President of Parliament Juan Guaidó explained at the end of January to the interim President. The United States recognized him immediately, and after some Hesitation the representatives of Canada and the European Union, such as Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. The interior and exterior of politically beleaguered Maduro holds only in Power at the moment, because he knows the majority of the often corrupt generals. How long will this be open to.

What role will the USA play?

As is so often the case when there is a crisis looming in Central and Latin America, trying to the United States to make more or less attacking their influence there to claim it. Traditionally, the United States regarded the Region as the “backyard” and two States of the government in Washington to repel evil: Cuba and Venezuela – two self-proclaimed socialist and allied countries. Already Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez was a sworn enemy of the United States. Weeks before had declared Parliament chief Guaidó to the interim President, suggested the US is officially on the side of the Opposition. Maduro called his rival a “puppet” of the United States. The tone between the countries was very rough, even a military strike does not want to exclude the government from Donald Trump longer.