you wanted to sleep in after their exit from the policy of “finally” and your day of “self-determine”. The work?

Unfortunately, my day is determined by many diseases that I have. I have to go to Doctors, to physical therapy. But I can finally sleep.

in the fitness Studio, you will be seen allegedly …

In the gym I’m tolerated-friendly. I’m for the muscle packages no competition. But in the last few months, I was no longer there. I was not so bad to walk that I could on the treadmill. But now I want to get started again soon.

you were always the thorn in the flesh of your party, have protested against the Bundeswehr deployment in Kosovo and in Afghanistan. Do you believe that the Greens are happy to be rid of?

Christian Ströbele photo: AP

Ströbele was born in 1939 in Halle on the Saale. After the army he studied law and political science. As a lawyer (photo) he represented in the 70s, the terrorists of the RAF. Due to the support of a criminal Association, he was sentenced in 1982 to ten months on probation. In 1985, he moved to the Bundestag. As the Greens wanted to set him up again, he was selected four times in 2002 directly. 2017 Ströbele came not again. He lives in Berlin, is married to an ethnologist, devoted again to the law.

Not all of them. The Ströbele was never a lone Wolf, as he was sometimes shown. There were always very many who were, in my opinion. And from what I hear, regrets it more likely that I’m gone.

How you have to keep as a self-declared opponents of the war, it is actually all the years in this party?

I still suffer today, including that I’ve done too little against war operations. For me it is very terrible that the war in Afghanistan continues after 18 years. I have not kept back then. Also, Schröder talked of six months. When I now hear every year that the Bundeswehr’s deployment is extended, I might despair. The Situation there is getting worse and worse. I am sad that I have been right.

didn’t want to write a book about the RAF?

no, I wanted to write a biography. But I have not gotten to yet, unfortunately. I write in the Moment rather shorter texts, comments in the Internet. And I published an essay on the NSU process.

In the fall of 2017 they would have held the opening speech, President in the Bundestag. It was not to be, because you are not a runner.

Yes, a pity.

What would you say?

I would talk to the colleagues to the Conscience, that they take their Job in the Bundestag as an independent Deputy, subject to no constraints, not even the coalition constraints, seriously. Previously, I was an opponent of parliamentary democracy, wanted a Council Republic. In the meantime, I’ve changed my mind. If members are truly independent, parliamentary democracy is the better System.

you work as a lawyer again. Whom do you represent then?

Of robbery and murder is everything. So I advise Condemned, who do not want to accept the fact that you are sitting in jail. I want to help you get out.

And what happened to your Plan to move to the country?

with the life of the Country, unfortunately, has remained an Illusion. I would have kept like sheep, and donkeys. I have to keep me for the next life.

you are at 7. June 80. They Celebrate?

I hesitated a long time, because it takes a lot of preparation. But I’m planning a boat trip on the river Spree with a solar boat.

Who is on the guest list?

I not going to tell you.

The call was before 7. June 2919, Ströbeles 80. Birthday, led.

Interview: Kerstin Herrnkind