Almost any representative from even narrow area can say that it is full competitors and you should be really unique to stand out from the crowd. Brand awareness and customers’ loyalty gaining may take so much time that marketers has offered a way out.


White Label branding

We all remember that situation from films when a brilliant secretary has created an excellent business plan, but her boss presents it as his own ideas. In some sense, we may say it is the same way everything goes in marketing.


White label in business reflects the same idea: one company produces the goods and then they are rebranded under logo of the rivals. A significant difference here is that both parties are certainly aware of the situation.


Why use it?

Start-ups, small businesses may offer better services or products than big tycoons, but they haven’t gained reputation, clients’ loyalty and awareness to be sold successfully. Newbies are also in quite vantage point as they can focus on development and polishing of what they have, rather than worrying about promotion or similar stuff.


Products of white label branding may be a bit rough and don’t require big financial investments, but they are pretty beneficial as the supplier deals with all issues and expenses like delivery, logistics, support and etc.


Operating principle

A small company creates a plug-and-play product that will be easily adaptable to another companies needs and desires. A buyer in this case makes necessary corrections and ads his logo and decorates in his corporate style. After it the product is sold on behalf of the Buyer and according to his conditions. The founders receive some commision for participation.


Benefits from White Label Branding

Saving of time and money can be mentioned as major points. Just think, why you should think how to make this or that, how to coordinate it and launch the whole manufacture when there is somebody who has already coped with it, but lacks popularity. However, there are some more things to take into account:

  • everything is under your control: you have unique products and may conquer the world quicker and more effectively as a business owner;
  • easy to launch: all the solutions offered are easy to integrate and simple to change and adapt to your needs;
  • saves your funds: why spend money on researches, testing and all that deals while everything is already done;
  • concentration on your business: of course, you may need to have some enhancement to the product you bought, but in case of big problems or fails only the supplier is responsible for repairing;
  • happy customers: unfortunately, market laws are ruthless and nobody will wait for your projecting, testing and developing a new product, people will come to those who can offer a readymade solution almost immediately.


What examples of White Label marketing do you know? Write us to share your experience if you participate in it.