The Deputy Union faction leader in the Bundestag, Carsten Linnemann, has defended his proposal, a pre-school compulsory, and children with poor knowledge of German, if necessary, from the start of school to return. It does not need to exist to have consequences, when children spoke in front of the school tests, said the CDU politician on Tuesday the German press Agency. If then still would have enrolled, had not, neither the children of German-speaking the from-German-speaking households, some of it.

In what context established by Linnemann the claim?

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back position for children without knowledge of German? The politicians and teachers

By Annette Berger

In an Interview with the “Rheinische Post” say, the question he had been asked, where the CDU had to make his mark. “It is quite clear in the Integration,” said Linnemann, and was then pointed to incidents in swimming pools, the sword attack in Stuttgart and on the Frankfurt Central station. Then he came in to the Interview to also speak to a lack of knowledge of the German language to children and responded to the demand, “do What?”: “It is not enough, language surveys in a four-year, but it must also be consequences. In order to bring it to the point: A child who barely speaks English and understands, has to search on a primary school yet. Here is a pre-primary duty must take, if necessary, his Training will need to be reset also. This costs money, but the lack of Integration and insufficient education are in the end much more expensive.”

What are “proficiency assessments”, of which Linnemann speaks?

The Tests in the pre-primary school, in which it is checked how well children master the German language. When, where, and how you take, organize the States themselves, since education is a Federal state law. Some of the education offices responsible for a load, for example, long before the Enrolment to such a Test in the future elementary school. If language problems are identified, are available, depending on the state of funding opportunities. In addition, there is the enrolment examination, which is usually carried out by the local health authorities. The children will be examined, especially by a physician on their mental and physical development.

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Poor English skills of children: What elementary school teachers (really) useful

Florian Schillat

What the critics say linnemann starts to push?

especially from the Opposition populism accusations come. Linnemann go to “vote catching in the right swamp”, accused him of Left-Boss Katja Kipping. Hamburg school Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) finds the proposal “terrible”. In truth, the question of where the children should otherwise learn German position but, if not in the school, he said on Tuesday. In the case of Twitter, the President of the baden-württemberg Landtag, Muhterem Aras (Green) wrote: “I spoke no English when I came as a 12-Year-olds in the Hauptschule. As my next sitzerin in the 1. Hour saw that I had solved the math problem, I was able to do the math for you on the Board. Later, I built a tax office and became President.”

What to say linnemann starts to supporters?

The Chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban, spoke of a “right push”. He tweeted: “If a child is to be enrolled in school in Germany, it must be able to English. Everything else is incorrectly understood tolerance, which helps no one!” The CDU MP Klaus-Peter Willsch said, Linnemann, suppose the same is true, as he said: “primary school teachers are overwhelmed and the educational opportunities of our own children are affected when in class, students sit, the teacher does not understand.” He had signaled Linnemann clear that he was right “no matter what is now worshipped also by the CDU representatives in the Federal and state governments had”.

what experts say?

The elementary school Association announced on Tuesday that he share the view that the Situation in many schools in terms of the lack of language skills of many children is difficult, and special measures are justified. “However, the proposals by Mr Linnemann are not expedient: exclusion omitted in the language-related and social learning opportunities and also company is found to be politically incorrect”. The President of the German teachers Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, said the “world”: “We must devote ourselves to finally be free of ideology the Problem is that, in the meantime, a fifth can be up to a quarter of first-graders, only poor or no German.” Meidinger called for a “mandatory kindergarten year” for children with language deficits.

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