Britain elected its new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July 2019, but only 1 month later, Boris Johnson himself proposed re-election to Parliament. Before July 24, 2019, the then Prime Minister Teresa May also resigned from her post after repeatedly failing in Brexit. That is, the case of Brexit in Britain’s politics is so big that it also takes away the post of Prime Minister and recently the post of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also in danger due to this reason. Here you are telling about this breakthrough that how this issue is repeatedly causing the government to fall.

What is Brexit?

Brexit (Britain Exit ie Brexit) is proposed to be separated from the European Union. It started in the year 2008 when the UK economy was hit by the recession. Inflation had increased in the country, unemployment had increased, efforts were being made to find a solution and fix the economy. Meanwhile, during the elections in 2015, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) raised the issue that the UN is not doing anything to reduce Britain’s economic slowdown. He said that due to this, the situation of Britain is getting worse day by day.

Assuming the UN to be the reason for the economic slowdown, the reason was given that Britain has to pay $ 9 billion for the budget of the European Union every year. Because of the UN, people settle in the UK without hindrance. Along with this, the UK is suffering a huge loss due to the free visa policy.

But in contrast, many people in Britain are aware of the benefits being made to the UN and call the decision of Britain to separate from the UN wrong. Such as the Conservative Party of Britain and David Cameron of that party, who was the Prime Minister of Britain from 2010 to 2016. Are against Brexit. Because people opposing Brexit know that it will have a bad effect on business from other European countries. Britain’s single market system will end and Britain’s GDP will suffer.

At the same time, both PMs after David Cameron (Teresa May and Boris Johnson) made Brexit their point and took over as Prime Minister on the condition of its implementation. But of these, Teresa could not get a majority on Brexit and had to resign. At the same time, the government of the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also in danger.