On the 22. June 1983, was Emanuela – then 15 years old – on the way back from the music school. Was last seen the young woman at a bus stop in Rome. Then lost track of her. For more than 36 years, she is considered as missing. Around her Disappearance, numerous conspiracy theories revolve.

To solve the mysterious Crime are now being investigated bone finds. They come from the German cemetery in the Vatican. It was not, however, predict when results are available, informed the Vatican on Saturday.


experts in open Ossuaries in the German cemetery in the Vatican, in order to extract bone samples


The Vatican had to leave in mid-July, the tombs of two aristocratic women in the German pilgrim cemetery Campo Santo Teutonico open: The graves are from Sophie of Hohenlohe (died 1836) and Duchess Charlotte Friederike of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (died 1840). But instead of the solution of the puzzles a little closer, were only raised even more questions: Surprisingly, both graves were completely empty. At the cemetery, clergy, and nobles from the German-speaking region, and Flanders are buried.

the bone finds puzzles to give

The experts found, a little later, Ossuaries with the bones of residues in the proximity of the two graves. As the BBC reported, were the charnel-houses under a trap door in the floor of a nearby building. The present investigations are to show whether the discovered Remains date from the two noble women – or even of Emanuela Orlandi.

“With this activity, the readiness of the Holy see for the Orlandi family proves once again”, said Pope spokesman Alessandro Gisotti. The two graves in the small German cemetery were targeted after the Orlandi family had to get in March 2019, with an anonymous note on a grave with an angel – the of Sophie of Hohenlohe.

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