The Federal government is in a Dilemma. Donald Trump had pushed the issue in the Public – and not entirely unjustly, as a star editor says (in the comment you can read here).

The US President called on European countries such as Germany, more than 800 in Syria prisoner IS fighters to withdraw, and to bring them to justice. If the allies did not react, had forced the United States to put the fighter on free. However, these are not in US custody, but in the violence of Kurdish forces (read more here).

on the one Hand, the Federal government is committed to German citizens back. On the other hand, you want the potential returnees directly accountable. Whether this will work, is questionable: especially for IS fighters from Syria, there is, according to the Ministry of the interior, only a few reliable legal allegations. Very few of them arrest warrants. Against a similar small-group discovery method to run. As I said: the evidence is often thin.

in This case, a different theme provides the authorities with a new challenge: the children of the German IS-fighters, many of whom were also born in the alleged “Caliphate”. According to “Bild”newspaper, it should be about 80 children. The number again is expected to increase, even if the last IS sites like and the last of the fighters into custody. What happens to the children?

“Only in Germany, these children have a Chance”

The Federal government tried it yet with a double-strategy, writes the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Thus, women and children from Turkey and Iraq, were brought in mostly unnoticed by the Public. In addition, we have supported the charges and Aburteil the Iraqi judiciary and accepted – after all, the IS had perpetrated his acts on Iraqi soil.

In Syria is a tricky situation. The Kurdish state is not recognized internationally, the dictatorial Regime, you cannot leave judgments about prisoners. The formula so far, according to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”: German the right to return in Syria – however, the consular service in the country was not currently possible. An Apparent Solution.