The rescue of the little Julen from a deep well shaft in the South of Spain is run on Thursday just slow.

An eight-strong Team of miners waited in the Morning, first on its use at the beginning. The specialists are supposed to dig from the bottom of a in the past few days, drilled a parallel shaft, a horizontal Tunnel to the point at which the two-year-old is suspected. On Wednesday, the new problems in the protection of the rescue hole had delayed the Work.

Spanish media reported, citing the use of force in the Andalusian Totalán, that the first two miners to be but left, probably in the course of Thursday with a special capsule in the shaft. The buddy will be each preparatory work in teams of two for about 30 minutes with pickaxes and jackhammers, and then replaced. The conditions were extreme, because of the Close, the men could dig just kneeling or lying down, it said.

The child on the 13. January on a trip with his parents in the 107-metre-deep, illegally-dug shaft. Because the hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters, had decided the Saviour, a parallel shaft, to dig, to Julen. He is suspected in a depth of 70 to 80 meters. Signs of life from the boy.

“are upset Every Time there is a setback, the helper of course, but you are strong,” said the Deputy delegate of the Central government in Andalusia, María Gámez. “I’m sure we’re not leaving here without Julen.”


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