Important weapons systems of the Bundeswehr are, according to one report, only operational to a limited extent. So in 2018 from 53 combat helicopters of the type “Tiger” on average, only 11.6 ready to use.

In the case of transport helicopters of the type NH90, it was 17.5 out of 71 machines, transport helicopters of the type CH-53 average of 15.9 of 71 machines, reported the “Welt am Sonntag”, citing a secret classified “report on the material situation of the main weapons systems of the Bundeswehr”.

The inspector General of the Bundeswehr, Eberhard Zorn, the average operational readiness of the entire material of the German armed forces before, in a Letter, with 70 per cent. The German army was so “in spite of considerable burden” in a position to fulfil their tasks. But anger had deficits in, for example in the case of the U-boot class 212 A and the transport helicopters and Tornado fighter jets will be given.

The Opposition had criticized the classification as secret. Member of Parliament allowed him to read only in the secret protection office of the Federal tags, and not about the content of talk. The Greens and the FDP criticized the readiness of the Bundeswehr was apparently so bad that it should not know to the Public.

anger stressed, however, that the report was more extensive and more detailed than in the past four years. He let so concrete conclusions on the current capabilities of the Bundeswehr, that the disclosure would cause damage by Unauthorized persons, the security interests of the Federal Republic of Germany, wrote with anger.


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