Who had no more desire to watch the Streaming series “El Chapo” or “Narcos: Mexico” in the case of Netflix, was just in New York in the courtroom. Over nearly three months, the prosecution used there in detail, such as the Mexican Sinaloa cartel, tons of smuggled drugs into the US, with often grisly methods, its Power is cemented. The Ex-leader Joaquín Guzmán has been spoken in the last episode of the legal drama guilty. El Chapo must spend the Rest of his life in prison.

The burden of proof must have slain the twelve jurors. They heard from the early days of the cartel, in the 1980s, and as Guzmán revolutionized drug smuggling. Prosecutors explained how he had cocaine, Heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana in larger U.S. cities. In the use of cars, therefore, is, trucks, trains, planes, helicopters, fishing trawlers and U-boats, were also used secret tunnels to the Mexican-American border. Even the delivery of 90 tons of cocaine on an oil Tanker, was according to witnesses a once-in-interview.

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Ex-Bodyguard grabs: El Chapo killed at least three times, even – in the most gruesome way

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killed, because he refused to hand shock, Particularly on the rise of the recordings of telephone calls, in which Guzmán is to hear about negotiations on a shipment of 20 kilos of Heroin to Chicago. Recorded you had provided Pedro Flores, who worked with his twin brother Margarito for a long time with the Sinaloa cartel, in 2008, but exit and U.S. drug investigators with Clues. Previously you would have moved to the cartel of cocaine worth 800 million dollars (700 million euros), said Flores. 56 witnesses, the prosecution called on the lawyers guzmán’s just a single. The defense was completed after 30 minutes.

Also, bloody Details of the Jury were not spared. Ex-accomplices told on the witness stand, as Guzmán had his rivals murdered, or even Hand created. A man had been killed because he had refused once, Guzmán the Hand. A contract killer is supposed to have murdered in a Villa close to the US border in a soundproof room, thanks to a drain at the bottom then easy to clean. Also facial surgery, in order to avoid investigators, were among the smugglers are not unusual.


The Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán has been spoken in his criminal trial is guilty and must. in order for the Rest of his life in prison

©INTERIOR MINISTRY OF MEXICO, AFP El Chapo a Ranch in any state

“He had four private jets He had homes on every beach. He had a Ranch in every state,” said a witness to the luxurious life style of guzmán’s in the 1990s. The “Chapito”, was named after him yacht off the coast of Acapulco, and a large estate near Guadalajara with tennis courts, Pools and a Zoo, in which visitors of a train from crocodiles and Panthers were able to marvel at.


El Chapo paid Mexico’s Ex-President allegedly $ 100 million


Guzmán sat mostly motionless in the courtroom while interpreting to him what is being said in Spanish translated. Only if Emma Coronel appeared – in the beginning, they had even brought their joint twin daughters smiled Guzmán and waved her through the hall. By a show of hands, he greeted actor Alejandro Edda, the plays Guzman in the series “Narcos: Mexico” and arrived to experience the real drug boss live once. Even tourists were sitting on some days with in the court. Towards the end of the first observers gathered at two o’clock at night at the courthouse to get a good seven hours later, a place in the hall.

Nearly $ 14 billion in 30 years

Up to the closing arguments of the process had the makings of a TV Drama. In 14 boxes, the prosecutors office brought three AK-47 rifles, Bazookas and a bullet-resistant vest, which had been seized in investigations. Also featuring: a tin can of chili peppers. In cans of this type Guzmán had to smuggle part of cocaine and filled with Sand, to keep the striking to light-weight during the Import. Almost 14 billion dollars (12.3 billion euros) earned Guzmán in his almost 30 years in the drug business, according to the Prosecutor’s office.

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defenders of “El Chapo”: “My client loves the spot light, but it controls nothing”


The damning verdict took Guzmán and his defenders, according to “positive”. “We were quite frankly angry as he is,” said attorney Jeffrey Lichtman. The sentence must announce judge Brian Cogan officially. But the conviction for “participation in a criminal Association” requires life imprisonment, with a request for early dismissal may not make Guzman. A prison escape, how he managed to Guzmán in 2001 and again in Mexico in 2015, would be limits in the United States of a miracle.

In Mexico, where Guzmán, is sung about in folk songs as a Hero, the raging drug war without El Chapo. The cartels of Juarez, Los Zetas and Jalisco Nueva Generación dominate vast areas of the country. Bribes to drug inspectors, poorly paid police officers and even high-ranking politicians to help you, drug deals in Grand style. Guzmán, was it in the process, have bribed the former President Enrique Peña Nieto with a $ 100 million (88 million euros) in order to protect themselves from law enforcement.

The U.S. government prides itself with the condemnation. You will proceed relentlessly against drug smugglers, warned the acting Minister of justice, Matthew Whitaker. Guzmán’s lawyer, Eduardo Balarezo said on Twitter, the process was just a “Show” for the Demonstration of American Power.

In the Sinaloa cartel, according to guzmán’s arrest in January 2016, a successor moved up. His name is Ismael El Mayo Zambada and unlike Guzmán never seen the Inside of a prison cell. Information leading to his arrest, reward the United States with up to five million dollars (4.4 million Euro).