SPD Leader Andrea Nahles wants to by former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder introduced the Hartz-IV-Reform in a fundamental way on the test bench and the older unemployed more money to pay. “Who is 58 years old, can now apply for 24 months of unemployment benefit. We want to extend the reference period to up to 33 months,” said Nahles, the editors ‘ network Germany (RND). In single cases the period can even increase to three years.

SPD-Plan: “We will not let Hartz IV behind us”

The colloquially often Hartz IV-called unemployment benefit II was introduced in 2005 under SPD Chancellor Schröder. In this case, the much higher unemployment benefit I, which is based on the last wage, and social assistance together, in order to save billions. Many in the SPD’s reforms of the former red-green government in the labour market is a reason for the loss of confidence of the party. Long-standing contributors, and as a result much faster than before the Hartz IV level.

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concept for a “basic pension” submitted

More money for low-income earners: This is the “respect-pension”


Nahles had demanded in November, “welfare state reform in 2025” and announced: “We will not let Hartz IV behind us.” Later, she explained, the new basic security should be a citizen of money. The benefits should be clear and adequate, sanctions would have to be largely eliminated.

On Sunday and Monday, the SPD-tip deals with the issue – at a retreat she’s looking for ways out of the crisis in the party. “In a new time, we need not less than a new approach to our social state is perceived as a performance-related and transparent”, said Nahles.

Andrea Nahles wants to “senseless sanctions” abolish

In the RND-Interview, they reiterated their demands and called vertices. Accordingly, the SPD intends to use its planned Reform of the previous rules and rates remain unchanged. “The height of the rule sets of remains,” said Nahles. “We also have a responsibility to the people, which go for little money to work every day. If we do not give them the feeling that their work is worthwhile financially, we will destroy any Motivation. Extra money should get power receiver, for example, about “a bonus system for continuing education and also in special needs”.

Berlin3: dispute about basic pension

money from the state for the poor pensioners? What is the real cause of poverty in old age

By Tilman Gerwien

Nahles, and the “meaningless sanctions” to be abolished. “This is the case for stricter sanctions for the under-25-Year-old, the only cause that the state loses the contact to these people.” Sanctions, homelessness would result, would be abolished. Duty to cooperate will give it but. “The key is: The state as a Partner for five years, for support and perspective from the unemployment benefit I, on qualifying offers up to the transition phase when citizens’ money,” said Nahles.

The costs can be covered according to the SPD Director of unemployment insurance: “as Their coffers are full, the money is there,” she said.

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