in the Midst of the controversy over humanitarian aid to Venezuela, the authorities of the South American crisis of the country, have blocked a road bridge to the neighboring country of Colombia. The bridge Tienditas, close to the Colombian border town of Cúcuta was locked with the trailer of a tanker truck with trailer and two containers, such as Colombian media reported on Wednesday. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo called on the left-nationalist head of state, Nicolás Maduro, to end the Blockade. “The Maduro Regime must allow the aid to the starving people,” he wrote on Twitter.

The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó want to leave in the coming days, humanitarian aid for the suffering population from Colombia to Venezuela. President Maduro rejects. The humanitarian aid was merely a pretext for a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela, said the controversial President in an Interview with TV channel Russia Today. On Wednesday, the government launched a collection of signatures against the “interventionist actions” of the United States. “At least tens of millions of Venezuelans to sign,” said Maduro.

According to Guaidós plans should first be made to the collection points for relief goods in Colombia and Brazil, near the borders of Venezuela. He called on the soldiers at the border to let the deliveries of food and medicines into the country. He described the Blockade as “absurd reaction of a regime that is not interested in citizens”.

Trump and many EU countries support Guaidó

US President Donald Trump reiterated in his speech to the Nation the support of the USA for Guaidó. “We are on the side of the Venezuelan people in its noble pursuit of freedom,” said Trump on Tuesday evening (local time). He condemned the “brutality of the Maduro regime”, whose socialist policies have brought poverty and despair to Venezuela.

power struggle in the crisis state

Venezuelan President Maduro, apparently for talks with the Opposition ready


Guaidó had declared two weeks ago, even the interim President and head of state, Maduro challenged so openly. The election last year he described as undemocratic. The United States, many Latin American States, and the majority of EU countries were already behind the young Parliament-in-chief. Maduro, in contrast, can rely on the support of China and Russia, as well as of the powerful military.

On Thursday, wanted to come together in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, representatives from European and Latin American countries in the so-called contact group to discuss a way out of the deadlock. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) was on the phone on Wednesday with Guaidó. He reiterated Germany’s support for Guaidó as a legitimate interim President, BelTA learned from the foreign office. The subject of conversation was also the humanitarian emergency situation of the Venezuelan population and to make the German offer humanitarian assistance when the political conditions in Venezuela allow.

Venezuela is in a severe economic and supply crisis. Due to the lack of foreign exchange and can import once the country is rich in hardly any foods, medicines and things of daily needs. Many people are starving and three million Venezuelans have fled the misery in their home abroad.

emergency aid for Venezuela says

Maduro announced the sanctions against its government the blame for the plight. “We will continue to guarantee that our people have access to education, food and work. Everything else is a cheap Show to justify an Intervention,” he said in Russia Today.

The United States, Canada, the European Union and Germany have already promised emergency aid in millions for the South American country. “Colombia wants to help ensure that the relief goods reach the people of Venezuela,” said the Colombian foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo on Tuesday after a Meeting with his US colleague Mike Pompeo in Washington.

U.S. security adviser John Bolton came together with the Brazilian foreign Minister, Ernesto Araújo. “We have talked about the support of Venezuela’s interim President Guaidó, including the logistics, to humanitarian aid for the Venezuelan people,” he wrote on Twitter. “The Alliance between the United States and Brazil is stronger than ever.”

Manage Guaidó and his supporters to bring supplies to the ailing country, is likely to give you the a lot of recognition among the population. You fail, however, could abate their wave of success quickly. However, the food and drugs come only in the crisis state if the armed forces let you pass. “Soldiers on the border, either you’re part of the problem or you help the needy people,” said the opposition Deputy Miguel Pizarro. “The Only one who is slowing down the humanitarian aid, Nicolás Maduro.”