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Where To Watch Free Movies Online without subscription & Download

One of the most common habits of the internet user today is to watch series and movies online in the well-known streaming mode. This allows them to have access to their favorite titles from the comfort of their home and completely free, without having to pay any subscription to a large company or even go to the store to buy the DVD. It is not surprising that these types of portals are the ones that generate more revenue annually from advertising and traffic, making profits of millions of euros.

However, these websites generate millionaire losses to film producers and studios that invest a lot of money, creating that content to obtain their deserved profits. That is why they are prosecuted by the authorities that defend that they infringe the copyright of the audiovisuals they offer, so the objective is to close them and identify their developers to prosecute them with colossal fines and jail sentences. The reason why it is no longer so easy to get websites of this type because most have been closed.

In this article, we will tell you about the different platforms, where you can watch free movies online. So read the complete article all the best platforms are given below


The SolarMovie website is responsible for collecting a wide selection of online movies that are available on the web for free. Obviously, most of them are independent films, although there are also classic films and recent feature films awarded at various festivals.

The genres are the most varied, going through horror movies, science fiction, comedy, police, thriller. Web browsing is simple and enjoyable. A good place to discover new and different things.


The Vudu website offers free movies legally and without registration, and is maintained thanks to the ads (quite moderate, by the way). The service does not have premieres but still has a catalog loaded with blockbusters and very popular movies from some years ago.

Here we will find films such as Wild Wild West by Will Smith, Superagente 86, Risky Business and some Pixar-type animated films, among many other things. All in HD and with good audio quality.


You have definitely heard about YouTube. This is the best and amazing video sharing website in the world of the movie and the best platform to watch movies free online. On this platform, you can easily watch all types of movies, dramas, TV Shows and many more.

YouTube provides you the complete movies in HD for free you can easily search your favorite movie on YouTube and watch it for free


Although some remind you – by name – of another pirate download page, the truth is that Popcornflix is a website to watch free movies completely legitimate. The movies are not premieres precisely, but most are Hollywood titles with actors we have all heard about (Star Trek, Brad Pitt movies).

The interface is clear and it is easy to navigate and play any movie you want to watch at any given time. In general, one of the best sites within the guild with an interesting catalog.


For many, the best online movie website we can find. The vast majority of films are premiering this year. The web design is good and functional. Almost all of his films are in HD.

Probably the largest free platform to watch free and legal movies on the Internet. Xmovies8 offers an excellent catalog of movies known in HD quality and with good sound. All this with exclusive content for the platform, a fast search engine and reproduction from the browser that seems more than remarkable.


Another online web streaming website that is highly recommended for lovers of the variety of genres. In addition, it is also possible to see several of the most current series, which makes it easy to find options that interest more than one person and can be seen in the company without complications.

Snag Films:

Snag Films is a website where we can find a lot of free series and movies online. The content is available in a completely legal way and can be viewed without registering. The service has a large selection of programs and feature films from around the world and is focused on offering alternative cutting films away from the North American mainstream.

The site is easy to use and navigate, works well and allows playback in HD quality. Obviously, some of the oldest movies do not have HD, although the average resolution is quite good in any title. In Snag Films they have a really large library with some feature films that sincerely have no waste.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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