To many of Berlin’s limitations to come to this Wednesday due to a Strike. Trade unions called on educators, teachers, employees of civil offices, as well as the Senate administrations, and other professional groups, full-day work.

For a Demo-train through downtown and a rally at the Brandenburg gate (11.30 am) are expected to be thousands of participants, such as the trade Union Verdi announced. Thus, the nation-wide Strike from wide in the wage dispute for more money for Public service Employees in Berlin.

The consequences will be noticeable in many places. Certain day-care centres, operated by the country, will probably remain partially closed. In Offices, there could be longer waiting times. Even with the loss of teaching time in schools is expected. The warning strike is in fact also the teachers are not civil servants, but employees are, as the education Union GEW explained.

the Background of the Strikes in many cities these days, the current collective bargaining more money for Workers in the country except the state of Hesse. Union, according to Germany are affected with a total of around 2.3 million Employees in the countries of the collective results, as Verdi asks to transfer the results to the more than one Million officials. This is a strike in Germany.

among the demands of the trade unionists, Six percent more content, but at least 200 euros per month for a period of twelve months. In addition, structural improvements in the classification. The countries whose negotiators Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) is to keep the for affordable. The third bargaining round is on 28. February and 1. March planned.