To kick off the controversial conference on the middle East in Warsaw has caused Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a Statement to fight Iran for eddy.

First of all, he said on Wednesday in his office, has published a Video, that he wanted to bring the Arab participants in the “our common concern of a war with Iran”.

His office put out the Video but then and weakened the statement. In the revised English Translation of the Prime Minister office, the word “war” was replaced by “combat”. In the deleted Video, Netanyahu took advantage of, however, the Hebrew word for “war”.

Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded on Twitter mocking: “We Netanyahu’s fantasies already knew. Now the world knows – and all at the Warsaw circus – you.”

Tehran had criticized the of the United States and Poland held a two-day conference from the beginning as an Anti-Iran conference. Some Western European countries, see the similar and have decided not to send its foreign Minister to Warsaw. From Germany the Minister of state, Niels Annen (SPD) instead of the chief diplomats Heiko Maas (SPD).

He took part together with representatives from 60 countries on Wednesday to the dinner to kick off the conference. Netanyahu said shortly before, in which in Warsaw recorded dpa