all of which brings nothing. Even the suggestion of a prominent party friend for the end of the “shutdown” dismisses it: at Least for three weeks, business resume, and with the Opposition to negotiate – also because Donald Trump can’t do it. He does not get his border wall to Mexico, bricked it myself – so apparently the message of the Republican US President.

The dispute with the Democrats over the financing of the Trump of the required boundary wall lasts for more than three weeks. Around 800,000 employees of the government and the Federal authorities have to work without pay, or on furlough, to endure. The “Shutdown” is now the longest budget dispute in the history of the United States.

“I’m not interested. I want to solve it. I don’t want to move,” says the US President on the proposal of his Party colleague Lindsey Graham on Monday in the White house and more iron. That seems to take revenge now: The wall in dispute and the resultant “Shutdown,” to be chalked out, the majority of the U.S. President. His poll numbers to go on the descent, the U.S. Portal “The Hill” in an analysis of several opinion polls.

dispute over the wall happened to Mexico

The when Trump proclaims a national emergency

Donald Trump in the polls – apparently, concern for his supporters

As a result, among other things, a survey of the “Washington Post” and ABC (period: 8. to 11. January), that 53 percent of Americans give to their President and the Republicans, the blame for the “Shutdown”. 29 percent to make the U.S. Democrats responsible for this.

the current consent barometer of the US-opinion research company “Rasmussen Reports” suggests negative: Only 43 percent approve of the policy of the U.S. President. The value is according to “The Hill” since trump’s speech to the U.S.-Mexico border in the descent.

The current mood of deep provides, apparently for concern among supporters of the US President. The influential right-wing website “Drudge Report”, which is kind to Trump, actually, probably, on Monday in big and red letters headline had announced: “POLL TRUMP’s APPROVAL LOWEST IN YEAR”, so the lowest Approval ratings for Trump this year. The Link collection of this impact is picked up on-line in other media as a warning shot or Wake up call to the U.S. President.

questions and answers

Trump, and the wall

wall dispute and Shutdown: you Can build the Trump at all, if the money is granted?

DPA Also has the Option to declare a national state of emergency, in a survey well

The fronts in the wall to the dispute are not hardened, an agreement is meanwhile in sight. This seems to be the Trump aware of. He had already threatened several times to deny the Democrats continue to give money for a wall on the Mexican border in the budget law, the national declare a state of emergency. From this exposure he took last distance: His alleged Plan to obtain the wall-billions of bypassing Congress, it would probably trigger tough justice disputes up to the Supreme court (why, read here).

And perhaps would make him the step to the next survey, run deep: In a survey of “The Hill” (period: 12. to 13. January) reject 69% of the respondents, the proclamation of a state of emergency.