the The most important messages in the Short Overview: Donald Trump a Veto against Anti-state of emergency-decision (21.08 PM)AKK for the whereabouts of Merkel in the Chancellery until 2021 (18.57 PM)scandal at the Munich police (16.55 hours), and Ford wants to delete 5000 jobs in Germany (16.15)Karstadt owner Benko confirmed the purchase of the Chrysler Building (15.44 PM)operator of a residential group for years, residents of miss (13.35 at have needs)

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+++ 21.08 PM: Trump under Veto against Anti-state of emergency-the decision of the Congress +++

In the dispute over the intended wall on the border to Mexico, US President, Donald Trump has filed the first Veto of his term of office. So Trump blocked a decision of the Congress with his state of emergency Declaration for the financing of the border wall had been lifted. This US media unanimously reported.

+++ 20.28 PM: Rihanna goes up against Hamburg’s beauty salon before +++

A Hamburger beauty salon has problems with the well-known R&B singer Rihanna. Reason for this is not about a missed service, but the Name of the business is. Owner Samia El Aidi has named the Salon after her niece and her daughter – “Rihana Lami”. But it is the lawyers of the singer bitter, because Rihanna is in the industry. The lawyers fear the confusion and the exploitation of the reputation of Rihanna, the collection has, among other things, a Cosmetic.

Therefore, lawyers have appealed now an opposition against the trademark “Rihana Lami”. There is an aspect of trademark law, opposition proceedings, said a spokesman of the German Patent – and trademark office, the news Agency DPA. The opposition was based on the 38 pages it is quite extensive. Until it comes to a decision, it could take about a year, the spokesman said. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported.

+++ 19.45 PM: assassins of new Zealand was established on the Balkans on the road +++

Bulgaria, whether the assassin of new Zealand has had contacts in the Balkan country, as the name of weapons of fighters against the Ottomans were engraved. The assassin of Christchurch, I visited in November 2018 Bulgaria as a Tourist and historical places stopped, said Prosecutor General Sotir Zazarow after a Meeting of government representatives with the Bulgarian secret services.

The assassin had then traveled to Romania and Hungary. He had visited the Bulgarian findings, 2016, other Balkans countries such as Serbia. Bulgaria check now, what to have had contacts with the man in Bulgaria.

In a circulating on the Internet Video about the attack in Christchurch, with names and symbols described in the weapons of the alleged offender. Some labels refer to the siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683, the battles in the Russian-Ottoman war in 1877-78 at the SHIPKA pass in Bulgaria’s Balkan mountains, and the struggle of the Albanian Prince Scanderbeg (1405-1468) against the Ottomans.

+++ 19.37 PM: Catholic Church in Costa Rica asks for forgiveness for abuse cases +++

The Catholic Church in Costa Rica, has asked forgiveness for the abuse cases. The crimes and the Victims had not yet been given sufficient attention, said the nine bishops of the Episcopal conference of the Central American country in a video message, which was disseminated in local media. In the future, candidates would be for the priesthood is examined more closely, it was said in the message. In addition, guidelines for the protection of Minors would be distributed to the Church staff to prevent abuse. Background allegations against a costa Rican priest and a former priest of the Archdiocese of San José.

+++ 19.33 PM: the EU and the USA put more Russians because of the Ukraine conflict on the sanction list +++

The EU has set a number of other Russian intelligence officers, military personnel and border guards on their sanctions list. A total of eight people accused to bear responsibility for the recent escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, said the representative of the member States. It had been applied “without any justification of military violence”. In the case of the confrontation in the Black sea, the Russian coast guard by the end of November, three of the Ukrainian Navy boats forcibly to travel through the Strait of Kerch had prevented the Azov sea. The boats and their crew were set. The sailors are still in custody. The EU States had already asked in December for their immediate release. Meanwhile, the US has imposed because of the annexation of Crimea in own additional sanctions, including against six defence firms, which are in the Crimea, including shipyards.

+++ 19.24 clock: German Marc Almert, the Sommelier wins world Cup +++

The German Marc Almert is the best Sommelier in the world. The 27-year-old expert on wines won the Sommelier world Championships in 2019, in Antwerp, Belgium, the Belga news-Agency reported. In the final he won against a Dane and a Latvian. The Cologne works in the star-Restaurant “pavilion” of the luxury hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich, and was awarded the 2017 already as the best Sommelier in Germany. A total of 66 participants from 63 countries took part in the triennial competition.

+++ 18.58 PM: Anngeret Kramp-Karrenbauer: Merkel to complete full term as German Chancellor +++

In the debate to a premature change in the Chancellor’s office has CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer for a whereabouts of Angela Merkel (CDU) to the end of the legislative session. Both the General population as well as the CDU-members wanted, “the Chancellor remains”, said Kramp-Karrenbauer on Friday in an Interview with RTL Aktuell. “In the Rest of this is my desire,” she said.

In the RTL Interview

AKK welcomes climate demos and is called “terms and conditions” for participation in the teaching time

In an RTL Interview, welcomed the CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the participation of students in the Friday demos for climate protection, but conditions. Also on a possible candidacy, they will be addressed.

By Daniel Wüstenberg +++ 18.57 watch: rain floods in the Midwestern United States – Missouri for shipping +++

locked The stormy winter weather with heavy rains has put the cruise on the Missouri River to the part of the lame. On a section of 100 miles between the cities of Omaha (Nebraska) and St. Joseph (Missouri), the river because of extremely high water levels and dangerous currents for vessels not passable, informed the coast guard. Between St. Joseph and Kansas City could only be at a greatly reduced speed. According to meteorologists, heavy rains and snow melt led to historic floods in the Midwest of the USA. In Nebraska, the dam of a large reservoir and a nuclear power plant, according to the weather service, is in danger.

+++ 18.42 PM: Uprooted trees: the storm and the severe weather in the North +++

storms and bad weather have affected the course of the day, the roads and trains in Northern Germany. Fallen trees caused on the A21 near Bad Oldesloe in Schleswig-Holstein, a full closure. The Sylt-Shuttle took before and after, for example, not living with the car carts and Trucks with empty trailers. The ferry to the hallig Islands and the North Frisian Islands, it came to schedule changes and delays, such as the Wyker steam ship said shipping company. The ferry Rostock to Gedser in Denmark was set in the evening, as the shipping company Scandlines has informed. For the evening the German weather service (DWD) reported West storm, with occasionally severe gusts, Thunderstorms are not ruled out. On the river Elbe in Hamburg-St. Pauli were expected to stand in the night-time water levels of up to 1.50 meters above the middle water. A Flooding of the Hamburg fish market was not excluded.

+++ 17.42 PM: Salvini refuses to accept any blame after attack in new Zealand +++

After the attack of right-wing extremists on two mosques in new Zealand of Italy has rejected right-wing Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini of any recriminations against him. In the Online service Twitter condemned Salvini on Friday the attacks, with at least 49 dead and dozens and expressed his “contempt for the hate killer values to be injured”. At the same time, he spoke of “compassion” towards those who would say, “‘it is Salvini’s is always to blame'”.

+++ 17.05 PM: Boeing wants to modify Software to Board the 737 Max within ten days +++

After the plane crash in Ethiopia, Boeing intends to complete the modernisation of a possibly faulty Software on Board the affected aircraft type within the next ten days. According to the news Agency AFP on Friday and learned from industry circles, will then take the Installation of the modified Software for the so-called trim system, used for only two hours.

+++ 16.55 PM: investigations against more than a dozen police officers in Bavaria +++

Against more than a dozen police officers with the Munich police is determined the service legally and criminally. Five officers were suspended from service and a further eight in other departments have been added, such as the Munich police headquarters announced on Friday. Officials of the so-called support commands (USK) of the Munich police are supposed to have divided, therefore, into social networks content, “and require a criminal and / or administrative review”. Including two allegedly anti-Semitic Youtube Videos. In addition, the use of Tasers, so the stun gun, compared to other colleagues within the training, what the service statement to the contrary.

“We will not tolerate in the case of the Bavarian police in the private sector, for example, via the Internet, related contents with extreme right-wing, xenophobic or anti-Semitic reference”, said the Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann. “Anyone who behaves in such a way, has no place in the ranks of the police.”

+++ 16.40: No concrete suspicion because of missing Lügde-proof material +++

In the case of the theft investigation to the disappearance of evidence in the case of abuse of Lügde, there are no concrete suspicion. “A criminal suspicion against a specific Person has not been revealed so far”, informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Detmold and the police in Bielefeld at the request of the German press Agency.

The Prosecutor Detmold, Germany, had on 6. March a criminal case against unknown persons on suspicion of theft of 155 CDs and DVDs launched. These were gone in December from a non-secured room of the district police lip. The loss remained for a week until the end of January will go unnoticed. As the intensive search for the disks, no result had not been, could not be excluded a theft, it said.

+++ 16.38 PM: strike against international smuggling gang in the Czech Republic +++

With several raids, the Czech police excavated a suspected international smuggling ring at the top. Twelve Suspects who originate from former Soviet republics, were arrested, as a spokesman in Prague said. They are accused of, to have at least a hundred migrants from Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on the Ukraine to the Czech Republic and from there to a stop next to Germany passed. The migrants that had to the Smugglers, the information for the entire route from South and Southeast pay Asia to Western Europe up to 20,000 Euro. In the case of a conviction, imprisonment the men sentences of up to ten years. Seven of those arrested were taken into custody, the others under the conditions set.

+++ 16.30: Two men because of the terrorist attacks in Paris arrested +++

In connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, the Dutch police in Amsterdam arrested two men. The Suspects are supposed to have supplied the terror militia IS possibly the weapons to the terrorist attacks, informed the local Prosecutor’s office. The men, aged 29 and 31 years, had already been on Tuesday. The investigators had placed safely in their homes, according to the Prosecutor’s office computers, documents and mobile phones. The attacks in Paris, among other things, automatic weapons were used. Some of the alleged perpetrators are said to have been in October 2015 in the Netherlands, the weapons pick up.

+++ 16.24 at: 300,000 for climate protests in Germany +++

More than 300,000 protesters took part, according to estimates of the organizers of the nationwide protests for more climate protection. As the organization’s “Fridays For Future Germany” announced on Twitter, there were protests in more than 230 cities and towns. Came to the biggest rallies in Berlin, Cologne and Munich, more than 10,000 participants according to police figures. Worldwide, more than 2,000 rallies in around 125 countries were planned. Support gets the original from young people-initiated movement, in the meantime, from other generations. As a result, around 23,000 scientists and scholars from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have signed a statement to Express the concern of the climate movement reproduction.

+++ 16.21 PM: Danish police, 26-Year three a murdere of the elderly +++

A 26-Year-old is a suspect in Denmark to have in the course of several weeks, three elderly people were killed. The investigation had been taken, after a 81-year-old woman was found last week dead in her apartment in a building complex in Østerbro in Copenhagen, informed the police in the Danish capital. The Suspect sits in custody. He denied the fact. The man should be reached according to the police a key to the apartment, the 81-Year-old before he killed you. In the connection he is supposed to have the Apartment with the two credit cards left with which he made later purchases. Also in other cases of suspected credit cards to be stolen.

+++ 16.15: Ford wants to delete 5000 jobs in Germany +++

The US car maker Ford plans to cut in Germany 5000 jobs. This is a Ford spokesman confirmed. Previously, the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger had reported” about it.

+++ 15.44 PM: Karstadt owner Benko officially confirmed the purchase of the Chrysler Building +++

The Signa Holding of the Austrian Investor René Benko, and a US Partner have confirmed the purchase of the world famous Chrysler Building in New York. “We acquire a legend,” said Jürgen Fenk, member of the Executive Board of the Signa group. The purchase of the 319-Meter-high skyscraper fit perfectly in the Signa-concept of the acquisition of historic buildings in the best downtown locations, it said. According to media reports, the purchase price should amount to something more than $ 150 million (currently approximately EUR 134 million). Benko is in Germany, especially as a buying house Investor is known. Built in 1930, this building, with its gleaming silver tip and the underlying stainless steel sheets from the Art Deco time has 77 floors. It is considered to be in need of renovation.