Left-group leader Sahra wagenknecht wants to Stand up, from the top of which was initiated by the left-hand collection of “motion” to withdraw.

“We need a realignment at the top of the “Stand up”,” said Wagenknecht of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper” (“FAS”). “The party leaders should take the back, this also applies to myself. You were with your experience at the beginning is necessary. But now it is right to share responsibility.” Wagenknecht had founded the movement together with her husband, Oskar Lafontaine, to reach voters on the left who have turned away from the traditional parties.

“get Up,” was launched at the beginning of September and today is one of some 170 000 supporters. Four weeks after its founding, the movement had already reported about 100 000 supporters. Unlike political parties, you have to pay a membership fee and can simply register on the Internet.

Wagenknecht said the “FAS”, the movement could live “better, if it is passed, the wear at the base anyway”. The former Left party leader Lafontaine had stressed on the establishment of the “Stand up”, they had been surprised by the strong inlet. In their own party, the two however, there were a lot of rejection. The tips of the SPD and the Greens also responded skeptically.

Wagenknecht said the newspaper now, you will be supporting the movement, such as through public appearances. “But I also need to see what workload I can handle. I am now down two months due to illness, also had to do with the extreme Stress of the last few years. Because I need to find a new Balance.”

The Left-wing group boss admitted the failures of assessments. “The parties that we wanted to address, have walled in,” she said of the “FAS”. For many of their claims, there have been no majorities in the Bundestag – from this cul-de-SAC, you have want of to come out. “But the party leadership of the SPD and the left will feel in the cul-de-SAC, obviously so that means the Chance of the “Stand up” with its great resonance, beat out.”

Lafontaine had said in February, almost six months after the official launch of “Stand up”, he can still see “air up”. “We started very well. But now we are in the troubles of the levels, because there are organizational difficulties.” Structures of the movement in the countries, cities, and municipalities may not “be”. “The demands of the time.”