WADA Banned Russia for 4 years
WADA Banned Russia for 4 years

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), has severely punished Russia for its cheating with urine and blood samples. The country is excluded for four years from participating in the Olympic Summer and Winter Games and the major international tournaments including the World Cup.

Russia may not organize major sporting events during that period.

The WADA Inquiry Committee today in Lausanne considered convincingly proven that Russia has tampered with urine and blood samples, which it obtained from the Moscow doping laboratory after a difficult process. Everything with the intention of obscuring the use of doping by Russian athletes.

Russia has three weeks to appeal. It is expected that the anti-doping agency Rusada will certainly do that.

The case is then referred to the international court of sports arbitration CAS. Athletes who can prove that they are ‘clean’ may participate in the tournaments under a neutral flag.

European Quarter-Final

Russia will be present at the European Championship in 2020. According to WADA, the European Championship is not a multiple sporting event or a global sporting event, but a regional event. Four duels, including a quarter final, will therefore be played in Russia.

The Champions League final of 2021 in St Petersburg will also continue as usual.

In 2018, 168 Russian athletes with a neutral flag participated in the Winter Games of Pyeongchang. Russia has been banned in the athletics world since 2015.

Russia is appealing

Russia will appeal the suspension. Svetlana Zjoerova, the first vice-chairman of the Duma Commission for International Affairs, said that. “We have to fight for our athletes,” Zjoerova told TASS news agency.