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W2S Net Worth, Relationships, Age, Height, Career, Education, Biography And More

W2S is a famous YouTube and gaming analyst. He rose to fame after launching his famous YouTube channel. The young social media star has millions of subscribers on YouTube. He posts interesting videos on his channel that have helped him earn millions of subscribers. Here is all you need to know about W2S.


Harry Lewis is the son of Adrian Lewis and Sue Lewis. He was born on 24th November 1996 in Guernsey, UK. He has a brother, Josh, and a sister, Rosie. All the siblings have studied in the same School, Guernsey Grammar School. Their school is located in St. Andrews. He lived in Guernsey till 2014 and the family moved to London later.

Harry Lewis was a bright student at school. He underwent a GCSE Math’s Exam and got an A+ in the Exam. He earned a good score during his Schooling years but decided to drop out at the age of 17 years. He could not complete college due to his interest in a career related to games and the internet.


Harry Lewis began his career gaming at an early age. He got interested in games when his parents bought him a Nintendo GameCube. He started to take interest in YouTube at the age of 14 years. Harry used different ways to attract more subscribers. He also did a fake iPod giveaway to attract more subscribers. He opened various channels on YouTube for different purposes.

When he was just 16 years old, he started YouTube as his full-time career. He started his famous channel W2S in July 2012. He was inspired by the video game FIFA and this is from where he took the idea for his nickname W2S. He formed his name with the names of his favorite footballers Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw. He dropped out of school and started his career on YouTube.

W2S had a lot of interest in harry Lewis’ FIFA videos and commentaries. He regularly updated such kinds of videos on YouTube. His regular footage with analysis paid off, and his channel gained huge subscribers. His YouTube channel became one the most popular channels on YouTube. W2S has a lot of knowledge of gaming.

Age, Height, Birthday

W2S has deep blue eyes. The Blue-eyed W2S is 24 years old. He has Honey Blonde Hair which suits his personality well. He is 180cm/ 5feet 10 inches tall which makes him a tall guy. He weighs around 74 Kg/ 164 lbs.


W2S is a very private person and he has kept his personal life under wraps. Not much is known about his past relationships. He keeps his love life away from the public. According to sources and rumors he was in a relationship with Katie Leach. Katie is a famous blogger and works in the same field as W2S. The latest updates suggest that the couple has broken up already.

W2S Net Worth – $6.5 million

W2S is a well-known personality and has made his name in the gaming and YouTube world. W2S gained fame from his YouTube channel. The Net Worth of W2S is estimated to be around $6.5 million in 2021. W2S is a popular video game commentator on YouTube. He has drawn a massive following of subscribers. The young YouTube personality has become one of the youngest millionaires by earning his income from YouTuber. Not many YouTubers have this amount of earning through a YouTube channel. It is due to W2S immense talent that he has earned such a massive amount of income from YouTube.

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