The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is according to media reports, under strong pressure to postpone the vote on the Brussels negotiated Brexit agreement in the short term. According to the original Plan to decide the lower house on Tuesday about the Deal.

The chances of success are low. Downing Street described the report, at the request of the German press Agency, as “speculation”, denied him.

Brexit-hard-liners have prompted May to give up their plan and instead will find a solution to keep the party together and put pressure on Brussels to exercise, reported on Monday the newspaper “The Times”. Accordingly, it is, however, a vote on a request Version of the agreement, and May calculate a majority. The head of government could then try to put Brussels under pressure to make further concessions.

A three-stage voting marathon in this week would then be omitted. So far, it was planned: Should May when the vote fail on Tuesday, it would be a further vote on Wednesday. The deputies would then have to decide whether the United Kingdom on the 29. March without a Deal from the European Union to separate. Even that is rejected, to choose the deputies on Thursday if London requested the EU to extend the withdrawal deadline.

It would be the second Time, that May shift an announced vote on the Brexit Treaty. Just three weeks before the planned EU-could tear the outlet of your party now, the patience, speculated in the British media on Monday. A further motion of censure against the Prime Minister, or a revolt in the Cabinet therefore not be excluded.

May had reached until Monday no new concessions from the European Union the Brexit Treaty. The Brussels talks are deadlocked and there are no plans for a visit to Mays at EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, said a British government representative in Brussels. May and Juncker, but on the phone on Sunday evening. The negotiator remained in the conversation.

The Brexit-the agreement was already cracking in a first vote in Parliament in mid-January. The house is in the Brexit course completely at odds. The crux of the so-called Backstop; that is, the requested by Brussels, a guarantee for an open border between the EU-state of Ireland and British Northern Ireland. So far, it is provided that great Britain should remain as a Whole in a customs Union with the EU, until another solution is found. But the reject the Brexit-hard-liners in Mays Conservative party.