Young people may volunteer for services in the future, under certain conditions, part-time.

The Bundestag decided, with no votes against a law of Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey (SPD). Previously, there was such part-time opportunities in the voluntary Social year, voluntary Ecological year and the Federal voluntary service for senior Volunteers. The have excluded many Dedicated, argued members of all factions in the Bundestag debate.

requirement for the new part-time provision is that the Concerned important personal reasons for the reduction – for example, that you take care of the child, a family member, or physical and mental impairments. A legal entitlement to part-time is not created by the new regime.

More than 80,000 people attend each year for a voluntary service. Your Engagement is a pillar and glue of society, argued the Deputy. Left and Green criticized, however, the large litter from staying with the law. It perks for the volunteers in the cultural and sporting facilities or free travel on public transport were missing. Further, it must be achieved that low-educated groups and people with a migration background engaged more. The FDP campaigned for pensioners be more involved in the AfD for a General compulsory military and compulsory service for all, not the mothers.