While all eyes will be on the motorcade of the Queen are addressed, looks Volker Krämer through the viewfinder of his camera in the other direction. There, where the people are and the true emotions. With a click, he captures the curious crowd that waits on the Queen, including two children, and stand there completely petrified, and the hype do not understand. A snapshot – just for the stern-photographer Volker Krämer known.

The photo he made for the “Rheinische Post”. Here he began an apprenticeship as a publisher, businessman. Quickly, the blade maker marked, what Talent in the 25-Year-old slumbers. They used him as a local photographer. As the first staff photographer of the “Rheinische Post” drew Volker Krämer daily through the streets of Düsseldorf.

Volker Krämer The exhibition

For “Volker Krämer. Humans of Düsseldorf” was produced by the Rheinische Post and the gallery owner Till Breckner is a cross-section of Volker krämer’s Black-and-White photographs. The exhibition runs until 31. March, 2019 (Monday to Friday, from 10 to 18 o’clock) in the Galerie Breckner, old town 7, Düsseldorf.

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The tiny Details in his evocative images

“In the exhibition are many of the photos that I previously had not so carefully considered,” says Felix Krämer, the son of the star-photographers. The art historian and curator currently working as the General Director and the artistic Director of the Stiftung Museum kunstpalast in Düsseldorf. Previously, he headed the collection of Modern art at the Städel Museum. A visitor to the exhibition pointed out to him during the opening on a pair of tiny Details that are hidden in the photographs of his father – so, for example, a photo of a flooded street in Düsseldorf. On the right of the picture, a Truck is seen with the inscription “coolant liquid”. The Ford, the rattles through the center of the image, called the people of his time “bathtub”. “Whether this photo is a coincidence or whether my father so driving waited a long time until this car, I don’t know, but the combination gives the photo a special meaning,” says Felix Krämer.


Volker Krämer hidden tiny Details in his photos. Only those who know exactly the look that the photographer has even crept into the picture.

©estate of Volker Krämer

A name for Volker Krämer was with his photos from Prague in 1968, are also on view in the exhibition. Coincidentally, he was in the city, as the Soviet tanks imports. With two rolls of film in the bag, for the holiday photos, he visited his grandmother. As the people demonstrated, he immediately went on the road – the photos were then to the world. They were also wanted to the reason why stern founder Henri Nannen him as a star photographer to hire. For 30 years, Volker Krämer worked for the star. “Many refer to my father as a war photographer, but there was much more in him,” says Felix Krämer. Aptly, he finds the term “specialist for the reality”. So star called him-photographer Cornelius Meffert. For Felix Krämer the düsseldorf exhibition presents the less known, almost nondescript photos of his father.

Volker Krämer: loving father, ambitious photographer

20 years Ago, Volker Krämer died during a Search. He and star-Journalist Gabriel Green were in Kosovo, to report on the onset of the peace process. 13. June 1999, they made their interpreter Senol Alit on the way back to Macedonia. On the Dulje Pass, their paths crossed with the Russian mercenaries, Alexander T., who wanted to steal after an accident is probably your car. He shot with a rapid fire gun in the rust-red Mercedes, the journalists. Volker Krämer and Senol Alit died on the spot. Gabriel Green died on the same day of his injuries.


Volker Krämer captured the memorable moments of the Prague spring. These images went around the world.

©Andreas Krebs

As a modest and cautious friends described the private Volker Krämer, but if he held his camera in Hand, he did everything to make the best photo. His children felt the difference between the father and the professional photographers. “The professional took not so a lot of consideration to the family members,” says Felix Krämer. For good light, he did everything. During a holiday in Turkey, he even jumped in the early hours of the morning with a plastic container, he stowed his Equipment into a river and swam to the other side, to reach the temples in the right light. Because so early in the ferry fleet. “As he swam back, the ferry service,” recalls Felix Krämer.