on television, it has managed to Vladimir Selenski is already the head of state. In the Ukrainian Comedy series “servants of the people,” he plays a teacher who suddenly becomes the President. Now it looks as it could “Wassilyj Holoborodko,” as Selenskis series figure is, in real life, in the Kiev Palace move. Selenski received in the presidential elections on Sunday, with 30.2 per cent, the majority of the votes, followed by incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, at 16.7 percent. Thus, the two must compete in a runoff against each other. Selenski had been in polls before the election clearly in the lead. Whether Selenski should also place continue to smile at his Victory, will show up to the runoff, the for the 21. April is planned.

The election campaign between the incumbent and the comedian is expected to be hard. The 53-year-old Poroshenko accused Selenski, at the late election night, to be a candidate of Russia. The political newcomer Selenski emphasized its independence and was ready for a TV debate. The former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, according to election Commission of 13.7 percent. You had doubts after the publication of the election forecasts on Sunday evening, the result of manipulation spoken.

As many candidates as never before

in Total, had around 30 million eligible voters in the crisis country 39 candidates to choose from. So many candidates, there was never a vote on the most powerful Post in the country. For scurrility caused among the less views of the parliamentary Deputy Yuri Timoshenko rich candidates. He didn’t have to stress during the election campaign that he related to the Ex-Prime Minister with the same name, and his Name was therefore not a Trick to get votes from the names of relatives a competitor out.

Vladimir Selenski: a lawyer and fun-maker

His career Selenski as a law student in a humorist troupe, with whom he lived for several years in Moscow began. Unlike Poroshenko Selenski wants to go to Russia. The media star, the leads since 2003 by a Saturday evening show, you can imagine a Russian-speaking television channel and is an advocate for freedom of language choice. He, too, is for an EU price. Joining Nato, he wants to have a Referendum. Critics say Selenski for a puppet of the oligarch Igor Kolomoiski, the TV channel 1+1 on his Show. However, the actor claimed insistently to be his own master.

the choice

No water, no electricity, no future – a journey in the war of values-stricken East of Ukraine

Bettina Sengling Russia: Poroshenko only because President bonus in runoff

high-Ranking Russian politicians, the poor performance of the head of state Petro Poroshenko in the presidential election in Ukraine as a Protest against his anti-Russian stance. “It is proof that the President’s policies have failed,” said the Russian foreign policy Leonid Sluzki, the news Agency Tass, on Monday. Neither choice manipulation, sanctions against Russia, nor the support of the West would have helped Poroshenko said Sluzki, head of the foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian Parliament.

Poroshenko’s goal is EU and Nato accession and a total departure from Russia. The difficult for troubled relationship to Moscow was the Central theme of his election campaign. Poroshenko stressed that all the resources of Russia integrated the black sea Peninsula of Crimea and the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in the East. Poroshenko was able to save only because of his office in the second ballot, said Sluzki. It was impossible for the runoff election on may 21. April gains with this tactic.

The Russian-backed breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in the war zone Donbass did not take part in the vote. Russian election observers were denied work in the Ukraine. You’ll therefore recommend to the Russian Parliament, the election not to recognize, said the foreign politician Leonid Kalashnikov.

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