When Vladimir Putin will be remembered that he is now since 20 years in Power, he corrected to be Compared with like. The Power in Russia the President, the 66-Year-old says. And Yes he had started as head of the government – that was 20 years ago at the 9. August 1999. Until 2000, he was President and government was in between once-in-chief. Celebration mood, but eh. Rather, the whole of Russia remembers how the then little-known Putin entered the political stage – and changed the world.

From an uncomfortable anniversary of the speech is everywhere. In view of the difficult economic situation in the country, many are wondering why the problems in Putin’s 20. Year in Power, not less. In Moscow beat the free elections on 8 a Uniformed straight again and again on peaceful protesters. September to the city Council request. The images of police violence to show, according to the experts, that the power of the state to decided everything.

West’s criticism of the Violence, the violation of human rights, to the restrictions on the freedom of press and speech bounce for a long time at the Kremlin walls. The fragmented Opposition has for a long time with no access to television. Almost the times are forgotten, moreover, that the English could from his years as a KGB officer in Dresden, perfectly speaking, Putin even in the German Bundestag with a speech.

rage in Russia

be Able to overthrow the protests, Putin in a crisis?

DPA protest mood in Russia is large,>

In his traditional TV show “Direct line” no longer had to listen to Putin that many would with the average income of a few Hundred euros per month to make ends meet. He responded partly in disbelief. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was ranting about opinion researchers, as you case, determined at the end of the approval values for President. You corrected then the questions. The values fell still further.

Five years after the annexation of the Ukrainian black sea Peninsula of Crimea, Putin-twilight reigns “”. The EU and the US imposed sanctions because of the Ukraine conflict, the expense makes it hard on the proud Raw material Russia. Although Putin claimed in that TV Show also, the West is suffering a much stronger impact on the Russian counter-sanctions, because EU farmers could not export food any more. But the simple Russian citizens grumble massively about rising prices. You complain that medicines are not get because of the sanctions sometimes.

Vladimir Putin was always hope

Russia’s excessive investment in Crimea, the involvement in the war in Syria, as well as ambitious defence projects cost billions. Although can support Putin more on a well-filled state Treasury. Nevertheless, the cash register is ringing less and less because of the suffering on revenue from the commodity trade is extremely dependent country under the low Oil price.


Koney, the black Labrador of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, runs at the Meeting of his master with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2007, through the room

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For the anniversary but it is also important to remember that Putin was always hope. President Boris Yeltsin had the former head of the secret service on may 9. August 1999, for the third Prime Minister within a year was appointed. 16. In August, he was elected to the state Duma. 2000 because of the war in Chechnya and noticeable alcohol problems in a disgraced Yeltsin, Putin left the presidency.

Since then, Putin has understood it, each of the power centres – the military, the intelligence services and the oligarchs – in a Balance, under control, and keep themselves in office. Twice he won the presidential election, in 2008, temporarily to the office of the government – the current Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, ruled at the time, four years in the Kremlin, and then, after a constitutional amendment to return twice for a period of six years. In 2024, the current, according to the Constitution, last term in office ends.

Since Stalin, no one was in Power longer than Putin

“20 years of the monarchs or rulers, but for an elected head of state is an incredibly long time in Power,” wrote political analyst Fedor Krasheninnikov in the newspaper “Vedomosti”.