on the night of Sunday erupted in a 36-year-old Bay out of a clinic for forensic psychiatry in Neustadt in Holstein. To do this, he has broken up the closed and secured the window of his lodging room, then the window lowered and a two and a half metre high fence to be overcome. The man is ready is considered to be extremely dangerous and violent. Because of the manhunt, the police has not yet led to success, ask the police and the public Prosecutor’s office in Lübeck together to the public for help.

police: non-Volatile address

police are describing the Volatile than about 1.73 meters tall, with 92 kilograms, powerful physique, blue eyes, bald head, chin and upper-lip-beard. He has a scar on the forehead and one on the right side of the Neck. The Volatile is heavily tattooed. Particularly striking is a large-scale snake motif on the right forearm. The man is dressed, probably with a black Jogging pants.

The police warned the man. Anyone who sees him should either inform the police in Lübeck (0451-13 14 604) or any other police Department.


source: police in Lübeck.