The escape of a 31-year-old backup of the judiciary held in custody in a prison (JVA) in Werl (district of Soest) puts the police on alert – from the violent criminals is a big threat apparently.

Daniel Vojnovic was last Wednesday, on day release from the prison. Of officials accompanied, he visited Salzuflen his family in bath. There, he stole the parents ‘ car, a silver Opel Zafira, and fled. Helper, he should have not had. Made the exact circumstances of the escape, the police no further information. An immediately launched, intensive search remained without success, reported the investigators.

the police has no trace of Daniel Vojnovic

Indeed, had already received numerous notices from the population in the entire Federal territory, Vojnovic each track, a spokesman for the Committee on police in Bielefeld is missing. The manhunt for the violent criminals over Europe. Officials would control, among other things, “neuralgic points” such as train stations and public places.


He is Austria’s most-wanted man, is its unprecedented history

By Daniel Wüstenberg

Special attention is given to the officials on the protection of previous contact with persons of the 31-Year-old. Several media reported that he had created in the prison a “death list” that he wanted “to work”, and then in preventive detention to return. First investigations did not support this Hypothesis: You have “no” knowledge on a death list, stressed Jörg-Uwe Schäfer of the prison management to the news Agency DPA. Therapists and staff had been scoured interviewed, the cell of the Volatile and additional rooms on the back of the head, personnel files and documentation. Notes on an address list or killing intentions, it does not give.

newspaper: several of the justices protection

However, the officials went to the security measures for vulnerable people. This concerns also people “in the field of justice,” said the police spokesman. According to information from multiple media (including “Lippe regional Newspapers”) were warned at the district court of Bielefeld, among other things, ten judges, and placed under protection. The authorities did not want to comment on possible measures.

Vojnovic came in 2015 after a series of violent crimes to prison, among other things, he shot in 2014 in Herford, Germany, a man in the leg. Since 2018, he sat in preventive detention. The German-Serbian is considered to be unpredictable and to suffer from delusions. Officially he is described as having a antisocial personality disorder.

Daniel Vojnovic is about 1.85 metres tall and has a strong stature. Most recently, he wore a full beard and short hair. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, blue Jeans and bright shoes. For his escape he took advantage of a silver Opel Zafira with the indicator LIP – NV 102.

The police warns, Daniel Vojnovic.

Who should choose the 31-Year-old has seen or knows where he is, the police emergency number 110, or at a police station.

sources: police in Bielefeld I, police Bielefeld II, “Lippe regional newspaper”, news Agency DPA