About three months after the beginning of the protests, it is in the “yellow West”-demonstrations in Paris, to riots. Especially in front of the national Assembly on Saturday, there was clashes between “yellow West”-the activists and the security forces.

at least one person was seriously injured. Thousands went next to Paris, in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon on the road.

The movement had begun to increase in November with protests against planned fuel price, meanwhile, but generally against the reform policy of the centre government Macrons. Your name has the movement of the yellow high-visibility vests bearing the protesters.

Some of the “yellow West”-the activists should have tried in Paris, and fences at the entrance of the national Assembly – the lower house of the French Parliament – to break through, as the station France info reported. Security forces tried to prevent the.

it came to clashes with the security forces, in which a person has a very serious injury to the Hand. The channel BFM TV reported, citing the Prefecture of police, that the man had lost at least four fingers. The victim wasn’t wearing a yellow vest, it is to be a photographer of the “yellow vests”. The exact cause was still unclear, according to Reports, a stun grenade for the violation shall be responsible.

The demonstrators marched in the afternoon, continue on the left side in the direction of the Champ de Mars, the large green area in front of the Eiffel tower. On TV images of burning cars and smashed Windows in the French capital. The police used tear gas. Numerous demonstrators, but also peaceful in Paris and other cities through the streets.

Until the early afternoon, the interior was one of more than 12,000 people across the country, including around 4000 in Paris – less than last weekend around this time. Dozens of people were arrested.