Lesley D. loved her father, Michael, to death. In April 2015 she was sitting with her daughter at home, as it was made on a viral Video attention. “A friend called me and said, ‘Look, I really don’t know how to say this to you, Lesley, but there is a Video on Facebook – it is your father'”. He was filmed by a group of “paedophile hunters” and confronted with the fact that he is meeting plan with a 15-year-old girl.

Public hunting pedophiles

child molesters to apply even under difficult criminal than the worst scum. In the UK, have formed several groups of “paedophile hunters”. So great is the abhorrence of child-rapists is like, so great is the encouragement for this group. This activity is extremely questionable. The procedure is always the same. The members of the group to give as Teens and cavort on the well-known youth platforms. You are the bait. And usually you don’t have to wait long. Because pedophiles go hunting. The Rest runs by itself: The Hunter documenting histories, messages and Chat. Sooner or later, the decoy is pushed to a Meeting.

at this time, the Hunter informed the police, because so far, it has come to any encounter. Except for salacious news no Crime has been committed. The Surprised will be provided at the meeting point of a group of Hunter and faced the Whole front of the camera. Then the Video is distributed with full attribution in the network and then notified the police. Goal is to reduce the criminal case, but the social Ostracism.

Traumatic event


How the brain of a pedophile works

for the First time, Lesley D. spoke with the BBC about the traumatic experience, when her father was put in the pillory. “I was just in shock,” she said. The Video also ran on Facebook. “I could see that our friends had seen it. And I I could do nothing.” She broke down completely, cried and raged. With her father, she never spoke again. Of the police, his computer was seized. Two days later, Michael D.

In Germany, killed such a procedure is scarcely conceivable, however, in the British legal tradition, the vigilantes have a different position. The British tabloid media are fuelling this approach: The day after the “shot” a child is made molester in the papers.

the police Also benefits from the Hunters. Of 302 prosecutions because of the initiation of sexual relations with a child in year 2017 150 based on the evidence of the groups. Strict requirements make it for the officials is hardly possible, the bait-and-switch procedure. The vigilantes, however, are bound rules to any of this game. You just have to be careful that they occur in the confrontation disciplined and, later on, not because of physical injury or extortion be prosecuted.

A hunter reported

the Motivation of The hunters is multi-layered. You might think it “Wutbürger”, the pursuit of Internet fame. However, the station talked with the Jamie L., 29, was abused as a child. He says that today he wanted to protect other children, but with his revenge, he treated also the own wounds.

J. Peirano: The secret Code of love

my new Partner is a pedophile?

A man named Robert contacted him, he thought Jamie was only 14. Jamie is a professional. He has the patience. He knows when to contact and the conversation initiative emanating from the decoy, the Material is legally unusable. So he waits. “After about two weeks, Robert was pretty direct and told me all sorts of vile things he wanted to do with me.”

In the later Video, the man collapses. “It will take a few seconds, until he understood that his previous good life is now to end. He has admitted to everything, when he realized that he was caught red-handed.”

“You see it on the Video, like the color escapes from his face.”

Robert was sentenced to some months in prison. After he was released, killed himself. Jamie L. said the station: “I was completely finished, as I found out that Robert had killed, especially because of his family.”

right-as in the Old Testament

The Internet pillory corresponds to an old Testament understanding of the law. This leads to such severe problems that the procedure can hardly be in line with human rights. The BBC has identified that have been killed in the last six years, at least eight men in the UK even after they were outed by the hunters as a child molester. Usually in the days directly after the Outing.

in 2018, it is come even to erroneously an innocent bystander and outed was accused of. For the families of the pillory is devastating. Lesley D. and her then 15-year-old daughter received no assistance, but hateful messages. “I have received threats to rape me, to rape my daughter.”

The daughter was in a fog of Uncertainty. She teases the question of whether her father have lived a life as a pedophile, or whether it is a one-time misstep. “How came my father with something in the father that I grew up with, the father I loved?” She had a happy Childhood, but now she wonders what her father felt, really, as you with him cuddled. “Was my father a pedophile?”

Now she has decided to speak in the TV, in order for the Hunter not to remember, “when you publish your Video on Facebook, is the story for you – but for us, the families.”

source: BBC

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