tourists in Venice should be asked by may to for your visit in the popular city of the lagoon to the checkout. With a kind of entrance fee, and later with a Central reservation system in Venice wants to be the visit.

“The city remains open, quiet, livable,” said mayor Luigi Brugnano at the launch of the measure. “We want to defend.” About the new plans of the local Council to decide by the end of February.

anyone Who has not booked accommodation in Venice should pay for this year’s first three Euro. By 2020, the amount should increase to six euros. Depending on the season and number of visitors, the contribution may be reduced, however, or more raised: In quiet times, the three euros would be due and payable, in the case of a greater influx of eight euros, in “exceptional” situations even ten euros. Payment of hotel guests, who pay, anyway a local tax are excluded.

Who makes how so many of the cruise ship on a fleeting visit to Venice, would also have to pay for it. How, exactly, the payment will expire then, has not yet been finally clarified. It is possible that the tourists pay the contribution directly to the cruise company. The same applies to visitors who come by Bus, train or Taxi into the city.

“We are not interested in making cash,” said Brugnaro. Rather, the maintenance and the cleaning of the historic city are very expensive. Brugnaro, Venice spends about 30 million euros more than other cities for “normal towns”. A load that had become for the citizens unbearable.

criticism came from the Agricultural and tourism Minister Gian Marco Centinaio, described the admission money on Twitter as a “useless and harmful”. “We want to be a tourist-a cautionary tale Land?” A request was received in the Ministry not give an answer to.

From the mayor’s office it was said that the measure is not a novelty in Italy. Similar models, there is also to the Borromean Islands or Pantelleria. On Lampedusa, tourists will have to pay, depending on the season to 1.50, or three euros.

The goal of the mayor is that tourists do not need to book in 2022 to only Hotels and accommodations, but also day trips into the city. Nobody will be denied access to the city, said Brugnaro. However, it will for those who do not book a visit, more complicated.

according to Various estimates visits per year, between 20 and 30 million people of Venice. In other words: On each of the 260,000 inhabitants more than 75 tourists come. There are always new ideas and strategies, with which the masses are to be kept in check.