The house of Judah Venezuelan Parliament wants to force President Nicolas Maduro from office. The deputies accused the head of state, the illegitimate power and declared all future government decisions null and void.

The constitutional order must be restored, said the opposition President of the national Assembly, Juan Guaidó.

He had already stated last week that he was ready to assume the presidency temporarily and call an election, if he could count on the support of the people, the armed forces and the international community. In order to draw the soldiers to their side, adopted the members of Parliament an Amnesty law for all military to help in the restoration of the democracy.

in Spite of massive international protests, had Maduro in last week for a second term swearing in. However, numerous States, international organizations and the Venezuelan Opposition to rate his re-election last year, as undemocratic. The organization of American States (OAS) not to recognize Maduro as a legitimate President. The US and the EU called on the head of state to return to democracy.

The OAS welcomed the decision of the Parliament. “We support the decision of the national Assembly, and the unlawful takeover of power by Nicolas Maduro to determine,” wrote OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro on Twitter. According to the Constitution, the Parliament President should take over temporarily the government and new elections, to proclaim.

US Vice-President Mike Pence spoke on the phone with the President of Parliament Guaidó, and said to him, the support of the United States. The US would see the national Assembly as the only legitimate state power in Venezuela, it was said in the conversation log. Maduro has disempowered the Parliament and the powers of the government loyal to the Constitution transferred to the Assembly.

Juan Guaidó has in the past week, an amazing career. Until the beginning of the year, the previously largely unknown member of the party Voluntad Popular, took over the presidency of the national Assembly, now the 35-year-old President is already the most important against players Maduros.

At the weekend he had been temporarily arrested by operatives of the intelligence service Sebin festival, and shortly thereafter, again on free foot. Maduro spoke of a “Show of Right” and said that the agent had acted without authority.

Venezuela is in a deep political and economic crisis. Because of Maduro’s increasingly authoritarian government is isolated in the South American country at the international level to a large extent. The US and the EU have imposed a series of sanctions against Maduro and his leadership.

Due to the lack of foreign Exchange, the state can also import hardly any food and things of daily needs. The medical care is largely broken. For the current year, the International monetary Fund (IMF) is expecting an inflation rate of 1.37 million percent, the gross national product is expected to break according to the forecast by a further 18 per cent. Around three million Venezuelans have left their home already.