Due to the since the days of the ongoing power outage in Venezuela, the national Assembly has declared a state of emergency. The deputies voted by a majority of the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó Initiative.

“In four days we are like 100 years back,” said the 35-Year-old. “And everything indicates that the situation is because of corruption that is exacerbating the validity and the inefficiency of the illegitimate regime.”

However, Guaidó and the Parliament do not have Power to de facto. The military is so far to the socialist President, Nicolás Maduro, has disempowered the national Assembly. Many countries see in the Parliament, the only democratically legitimate Institution of the South American crisis of the country.

In the decree of the Parliament will depend, among other things, the armed forces, to protect the power grid, and protests against a power failure, not to suppress it. In addition, the authorities should provide fuel for generators to produce electricity. Oil supplies to the Maduro ally Cuba should be discontinued immediately.

Since Thursday evening, Parts of the derelict country, no more electricity. The restoration of the electricity supply has been slow and suffers a constant series of setbacks. The Opposition makes the lack of maintenance, corruption and mismanagement for the loss of power responsible. The government of head of state, Maduro speaks, however, of one of the United States planned to attack from hackers.

“The imperialist aggression and attacks will not break the resistance and force of the Venezuelan people. We were coups, acts of sabotage, riots and attacks on our sovereignty. You may be sure that we will also win the current war,” wrote President Maduro on Twitter.

Although after the other parts of the country connected to the electricity grid, however, the are constantly Working to set-backs. “It looks like a Ghost town. It’s depressing,” said a 49-year-old woman from the North-East of the Venezuelan capital by the German press Agency on the phone. You have now power, there were large fluctuations.

“meat, vegetables and fruits in the fridge are rotten. Running water we have, only with interruptions. The pumps in high-rise were as a precaution switched off, because they could be damaged due to the fluctuations in the current,” said the mother of two. “Also, the elevators have been shut down because of it. We fetch water with containers from the Tank and carry it into the apartment.”

some regions of the country have been reports of looting. “Without electricity, water and food, can drive the desperation of our people to the limit,” said Guaidó. “These reports of looting in various cities are the consequence, because the illegitimate Regime prevented a settlement of the crisis.”

For today announced Guaidó new protests against the government. He wants to seize the Moment and the anger of many Venezuelans about the loss of power in a popular uprising against his opponent Maduro transform. “This is the beginning of a great national mobilization,” he said.