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USA, call Venezuela’s army to support Guaidós (20.55 PM)Maduro for early parliamentary election in Venezuela still 2019 (19.50 hours), and discovered burial chamber with about 40 mummies in Egypt (14.58 hours)China calls on US and Russia to the INF agreement (12.26)Russia rises to the USA also from the INF disarmament Treaty (11.10 PM)

All News of Saturday, 2. February 2019 in the star-Ticker:

+++ 21.40 PM: meteorite strikes on Cuba is a +++

In Cuba, a small meteorite struck in a populated area. The celestial body arrived on Friday in a number of fragments fragmented in the Western province of Pinar del Río from the sky, such as the Cuban science, confirmed the Ministry. The largest discovered Fragment had a diameter of eleven inches tall. About the damage caused has not been reported by the official side.

It was immediately prior to the meteorite impact in the sky was a fire ball with a condensation plume is observed, followed by a powerful Explosion, the report says. After the first studies of the meteorite consisted of Nickel, iron, and magnesium silicate. Inhabitants of the neighboring province of Matanzas reported to have about the same time saw a ball of fire crashed into the Caribbean sea.

+++ 21.23 PM: tens of thousands of Serbs protest against President Vucic +++

tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in Belgrade and other Serbian cities in the ninth Saturday in a row against the President, Aleksandar Vucic. In the protests in the capital, also a number of students took part. Even after two months, the concrete political goals of the protesters, from the left to the far right remain rather unspecific. In the centre of the fight against corruption, a new legal framework for fair elections and an end to state control of many media. Had triggered the protests the brutal attack on a left-wing opposition politicians last November in the South of the country. The perpetrators are unknown until today.

+++ 20.55 PM: USA call of the Venezuela army to support Guaidós +++

The National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, has called on the Venezuelan military, the controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro, and the self-proclaimed to support President Juan Guaidó. Bolton said in the short message service Twitter, the United States called on all army personnel to follow the example of the Venezuelan air force generals Francisco Yánez. This had been on Saturday as so far, the highest-ranking military representatives against Maduro.

+++ 20.29 PM: One dead and two injured in avalanche in the French Alps +++

In an avalanche in the French Alps, a man is killed. Two people were slightly injured, informed the rescue workers. The avalanche had occurred, therefore, in the afternoon, in the Savoy region, the snow masses were deposited on the outside of a slope of the ski resort Val Cenis, and buried about a dozen skiers. The identity of the victim’s and the injured. The other buried skiers were without prejudice to have been pulled out of the snow, it said.

+++ 19.58 PM: 286 Catholic priest in Texas of sexual Assault accused +++

in the U.S. state of Texas, hundreds of Catholic priests are accused of sexual Assault on children. The alleged acts date back to the 1940s. The Archbishop of Houston cardinal Daniel DiNardo said in a statement issued by “a serious crisis of the Church”.

“This wound was ripped in our Church and we need to heal,” in the opinion of the Archbishop, who is also the Chairman of the U.S. bishops ‘ conference. The “New York Times” had reported on Friday that 286 priests from 14 dioceses in Texas credibly accused. Some of the alleged perpetrators have already died, most of them are already been active for many years in the priesthood.

+++ 19.50 PM: Maduro for early parliamentary election in Venezuela yet, 2019 +++

pronounced Venezuela’s controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro has opted for an early parliamentary election this year. On the Agenda of the constituent Assembly, a test that is preferable, actually, for 2020, the proposed General election standing, and he was thus the “I agree”, said Maduro in Caracas, in front of his followers. In Parliament, the Opposition has to Say, Parliament’s President Juan Guaidó had on 23. January, the interim head of state declared