Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro is planning a reconstruction of his Cabinet. Maduro demanded that all the Ministers to abandon their Posts for a “profound restructuring” of the government of the South American state, and wrote to his Deputy Delcy Rodríguez on Twitter.

So the country should be protected from any threat. How, exactly, the Changes of the Cabinet look like and whether the more than 30 Ministers in fact, your Resignations will be submitting, initially remained unclear.

Recently, Maduro, in June last year had called, shortly after his controversial re-election as President, changed the occupation of some Post, and new ministries to life – great Changes remained. The claim by Maduro and the Cabinet is now in the midst of a serious political crisis and, after a massive power failure that plunged the state further into Chaos and for days. Since the end of January, fighting between Maduro and the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó raging in Venezuela.

Guaidó visited on Sunday the state of Vargas. The people must organize to remove Maduro, wrote to the leader of the opposition on Twitter. Supporters Guaidós held at the weekend in several cities demonstrations. The 35-year-old chief of the deposed Venezuelan Parliament had called for the “Operación Libertad” (“freedom”) and the organization of the citizens Committee. Guaidó plans, with a March on the presidential Palace in Caracas movement in the deadlocked fight with the Maduro power to bring. A date he didn’t call for it so far.

Guaidó had on 23. January to the interim President of the country with the world’s largest Oil reserves declared. He said the head of state, Maduro’s legitimacy, because its re-election last year, not democratic Standards have been met. Many opponents of the government were not allowed to back a candidate, the main opposition Alliance boycotted the election due to unfair conditions. Although a number of countries have Guaidó already as the rightful interim President acknowledged that, in Venezuela, even he has not succeeded yet. Especially the powerful military continues to Maduro.

For the recent collapse of the energy supply to the left made Maduro a nationalist one, allegedly from the Opposition and the United States planned a cyber attack is responsible. The government’s opponents see the reason, however, displaced investment, corruption, and lack of maintenance of the facilities.