The Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro has expelled the German Ambassador in the country. Daniel Kriener have interfered in the internal Affairs of Venezuela.

He will be declared to the unwanted Person, informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs on Wednesday on its website. The Diplomat must leave the South American country within 48 hours. Kriener is only since last year in Venezuela.

“Venezuela sees it as unacceptable that a foreign Diplomat behaves in his territory more like a political leader, in Accordance with the conspiracy agenda of the extremist sectors of the Venezuelan Opposition,” it said in the statement the foreign Ministry.

Kriener had been expected on Monday, along with other diplomats from Europe, Latin America and the USA, the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó at the capital airport of Maiquetía. They wanted to prevent seems to be that the leader of the opposition is arrested on his return to the country.

“We want to help and support that he returns back safely”, had Kriener said of the TV channel NTN24. Guaidós return to Venezuela was “a step towards a political and peaceful process for ending the crisis in Venezuela,” tweeted the German Embassy in Caracas. Guaidó thanked me later for the support of the diplomats.

The Foreign Ministry in Berlin confirmed, the Kriener to the unwanted Person was declared. “We have the votes at present, the further course of action, also with our partners,” a spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

“Venezuela is free and independent. Therefore, actions of diplomatic representatives, which constitute an interference in the Affairs of the people and the government are not allowed,” said the Venezuelan foreign Ministry.

In the South American country has raged for weeks in a fierce power struggle between Maduro and Guaidó. The young Deputy had at 23. January to the interim President, declared the head of state so openly challenged. Numerous States, including Germany, have recognized Guaidó already as the rightful interim President.

finally, his attempt to bring relief goods from Colombia and Brazil to Venezuela have failed. At border crossings there were severe clashes between opposition supporters and security forces. Several people were killed and hundreds injured.

The ölreichste country in the world suffers a severe economic and supply crisis. Due to lack of foreign currency in Venezuela can introduce hardly any food, medicines and necessities for the suffering population. Many people are starving, more than three million Venezuelans have left their home already.