the dispute over the humanitarian aid for Venezuela is coming to a head: After the crisis, state international is already isolated largely, President Nicolás Maduro closed the border to the neighboring country of Brazil.

“From today, the border with Brazil, remains closed up to a new statement,” the President said on Thursday at a meeting with high-ranking military. Previously, the socialist government had already made the border to the Dutch Caribbean Islands Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire sealing.

The Brazilians, however, will stick to its Plan to create on the weekend of the Federal state of Roraima, from relief goods to Venezuela. “On Saturday I’ll be in Roraima, to accompany the delivery of the humanitarian aid that was provided to the Venezuelan people of Brazil in cooperation with the United States,” wrote foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo on Twitter.

To the relief supplies. the for weeks, raging power struggle between Maduro and his counterpart, Juan Guaidó decide The self-appointed interim President wants to get the goods on Saturday with Thousands of volunteers into the country. He succeeds in the Coup, it would strengthen his Position enormously, and Maduro’s power position falter. He fails, the rebellion might fizzle out.

President Maduro keeps the supplies for a pretext for military Intervention and has instructed the armed forces to let them into the country. “I would like to thank you for the absolute loyalty of the soldiers of the Fatherland,” said Maduro. Guaidó trying for weeks to pull of the military on his side. If the volunteers want to create on Saturday, the relief goods across the border, the soldiers decide.

The Catholic Church, the military called on to make the deliveries happen. “We invite the armed forces to stand on the side of the people”, it said on Thursday in a statement from the Venezuelan bishops ‘ conference. “You should obey no orders directed against the life and safety of the population.”

Venezuela is suffering from a severe economic and supply crisis. Due to lack of foreign exchange, once a country is rich in hardly any foods can introduce, medicines and things of daily needs. Many people are starving, already defeated and was believed to be diseases spread, around three million Venezuelans have left their home already.

For Friday was planned on the Colombian side of the border, a benefit concert for Venezuela. Among others, should occur during the Festival at the border bridge Tienditas, the puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi (“Despacito”), the Colombian musician Juanes and Reggaeton Star Maluma. On the other side of the border Maduro government under the slogan “hands off Venezuela wanted to organize” a concert.

The border to Colombia is for vehicles for years, largely closed. “I also think about the total closure of the border to Colombia,” Maduro said after his Meeting with the generals. “I want an open border without any provocation and aggression, but as a head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, I am committed to peace and to guarantee peace.”

pedestrians can cross the border between Venezuela and Colombia so far. Every day thousands of Venezuelans come over pedestrian bridges to Colombia, in order to go shopping, to the doctor or to work. In addition, many Venezuelans use the border crossings to Colombia, to leave the country permanently.

Maduro accuses the Colombian government of President Iván Duque again and again, to forge, together with the Venezuelan Opposition and the United States a conspiracy against his government. “I’m Iván Duque for each type of violence, which could erupt on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.”